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You can now pay Google a couple of bucks to remove ads from your favorite sites

Ads are a pain in the you-know-what, and Google is looking for a way to resolve this with their latest announcement for Google Contributor.

Google Contributor

Announced on Tuesday, Google’s new tool, Contributor, will allow users to pay participating sites a small fee to remove ads when visiting their favorite website. Essentially, it’s a new tool for publishers running Google Ads.

To kick things off, Google partnered up with 10 websites, including Mashable, Imgur, and The Onion, to name a few.

Here’s How it Works: 

First things first: money. Choose a contribution amount anywhere from $1-$3. The more you contribute, the more you support that particular website.

Google Contributor

When you visit any participating Contributor website, you’ll get a thank you message from the publisher and notice the absence of ads.

Now keep in mind, the website doesn’t receive the full contribution. Google has to get its piece of the pie, too. In the end, this is great news for publishers and web users all around.

Sure, you could always use an ad-blocker and not pay Google a cent, but at the same time you’re also screwing the people who are providing you with content. I, for one, wouldn’t mind getting a couple of extra bucks now and then 🙂

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