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You can password protect your Google search history – here’s how

Keep snooping eyes away from your private information.

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Have people in your life that insist on poking around your internet search history, even if you say they can’t? Well, now you can password protect your Google Web and Activity page, so they can’t idly snoop on your history.

Once turned on, anyone going to your Web & Activity page will only see the UI, and none of the history. Nice, you can browse whatever without worrying about prying eyes.

If you actually want to see your own history, you can put in your Google password and it’ll all appear again until you navigate away from the page.

Don’t want people seeing your Google Activity? Here’s how to put a password on it

Here’s how to turn password protection on for your Google Activity feed, which shows things like search history:

  1. Head to

    If you don’t already have password verification on, you’ll be able to see a feed of all your Google activity from all of your devices. You might also see a notification, like below, to ask you if you want to turn on the extra verification google my activity feed

  2. If you want to password protect your activity, click on the Manage My Activity verification link just above your activity feed

  3. Turn Extra Verification on, from the pop-up that appears screenshot of the Google My Activity page showing how to turn on extra verification

That’s it, now everyone who tries to snoop on your My Activity feed and search history won’t be able to see any information.

You can still see your feed by clicking on the Verify link and entering your Google password if you want to check on what your Google account is saving about you, or if you want to verify that Google is auto-deleting your history as promised.

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