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Google’s free unlimited storage on Google Photos will officially end on June 1

Photos will now fall into the free 15GB that every Google account has access to.

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The time has come. Google is ready to officially end the company’s offering of free unlimited storage for high-quality images on Google Photos. Starting June 1, any new photos uploaded to the service will count as part of the free 15 GB that Google gives to all account holders.

Starting next month, Google users will be limited in the photos they can upload to the cloud storage system for free.

Right now, the company allows for unlimited storage of high-quality photos on Google Photos, but that will soon change. As of the June 1 update, users will be limited to 15 GB of overall storage across all of the company’s various cloud-storage services.

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For those that already have over 15 GB of photos stored, don’t worry, as Google will not be removing them, you’ll simply be at the capped amount once the service stops offering free unlimited storage.

This may be some sad news to those of you with large picture collections on Google Photos, but 15 GB is still a lot of storage.

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A compressed, high-quality photo is generally 1-4MB in size, which means you should be able to store around 300 photos per gigabyte of storage. Still, this may not be enough for some users with thousands of images they need to store.

If you are one of those users who have too many photos to store on Google’s free 15GB platform, there are other options, but you’re going to have to pay. Of course, you always have the option of storing photos locally, and Google has an intuitive process that lets you download a backup of all of your files.

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If local storage isn’t an option for you, Google does offer paid subscription that will give users much more available storage. With plans starting at $1.99 per month for 100 GB of storage, most users should be able to find a storage plan that fits their needs.

While it is sad that Google is ending the free unlimited photo storage, it has been coming for some time. The company initially announced the move in November, and, though it did not specify what led to this decision, allowing for all of that free storage must have been costly.

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