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Photo Ninja from DoNotPay hides your face from online facial recognition

It hides your images from AI without messing up the quality.

facial recognition at a music festival
Image: Fight For The Future

A new tool has emerged to help you remain somewhat anonymous online. Photo Ninja claims to use AI to slightly alter your images so that they become undetectable to facial recognition software online.

The tool was developed by the legal advice app DoNotPay. The self-dubbed “World’s First Robot Lawyer” was initially developed as a chatbot that would help users fight parking tickets.

Since then, it has evolved into a full-fledged service offering many services, including helping users sue with just a press of a button. To be clear, this is not to give users the ability to easily sue a coworker they don’t like, but more to empower users against corporations and robocallers.

Photo Ninja is the newest development from DoNotPay, and its AI can do some pretty interesting stuff. By altering individual pixels, it can hide your photos from facial recognition software without compromising the picture quality.

Image: Joshua Browder / Twitter

According to Daily Dot, the company’s CEO, Joshua Browder, took to Twitter to show off the new tool. Using an image of Joe Biden that had been altered by the software, the tweet (which has since been deleted, but the picture is above) shows that the tool has rendered the image unrecognizable across the internet.

Photo Ninja is becoming available as part of the DoNotPay service, which charges $3 a month for various legal services. The Photo Ninja tool can be used to scan images before uploading them to the internet, helping you to stay anonymous in the eyes of facial recognition software.

This is a pretty cool tool that will hopefully help users fight back against the many privacy issues that we are seeing these days.

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