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How to disable Memories on Google Photos

If there are some photos you’d rather leave in the past, you have options with Google Photos.

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If you enjoy being reminded of events and moments from the past years, things like Memories on Google Photos is a great feature.

That said, sometimes there might be things from your past that you want to keep, but would prefer not to be reminded about. Nothing can mess up your mood like seeing a moment from your life that you weren’t prepared for.

If you feel the same, you can thankfully adjust the feature on Google Photos. Here’s how.

How to tweak your Google Photo Memories feature

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Image: KnowTechie

Google Photos gives users the option to select people or animals that they do not want to be featured in memories, as well as dates.

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However, the only way to change the configurations is through the Google Photos app (Android and iOS). The web version does not offer the same functionality.

  1. Open the Google Photos app and tap your profile picture at the top of the screen
  2. Go to Photos settings if you’re using an Android device or Google Photos settings if you have an iPhone
  3. Select Memories and press Hide people & pets
  4. If you want to avoid memories from certain dates, tap Hide dates

That’s it! You’ve now successfully improved your Google Photos experience.

It is also possible to disable all notifications from Google Photos. This too will have to be done using the mobile app:

  1. Select Notifications from the Memories page
  2. Go to the Memories section and select which notifications you want to disable

There you go! A quick and easy guide to changing your Memories on Google Photos.

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