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How to join an ongoing WhatsApp group call even after it has started

WhatsApp now has a feature that enables users to join calls even after these have started.

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WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular Android, iOS, and PC communications apps in the world. The Facebook-owned software enables users to make voice and video calls, send files, and encrypt their communication.

However, the app has recently introduced a feature that is aimed to make communication between multiple individuals much easier. The best part is that using the improved system is easy and intuitive.

Manage and join group calls easier than ever

Users can now join ongoing group video calls, even if they missed the call. Furthermore, the tweaks made to the group call features now make it easy for participants to drop out and rejoin the call whenever they want. This includes the ability to join the call if you initially chose to ignore it.

Along with these features, the new update has replaced the group call screen design. Users will now be able to see all those who have been invited, including individuals who have not accepted the call or have missed it. All this will be visible from the information screen of the group call, making it easy to keep track of everyone at the same time.

As with all new features that WhatsApp has added over the years, the improved group call system maintains a high level of security and ensures that all communication is private. 

Is the WhatsApp group video call feature secure?

All communication through WhatsApp is encrypted end-to-end. This includes text messaging, audio and video calls. The group video call feature is designed to be reliable in different network conditions. However; it still requires a strong data signal for the call to be stable. Now, let’s look at how simple it is to join a group call.

How to join an incoming group call?

Joining a group call that you’ve initially ignored or missed has been made easy. Once you are prepared to join, open WhatsApp, and go to the Calls tab. All ongoing group calls that you’ve been invited to will be displayed in your call log list.

Step 1: Once you’re invited to the group video call, you will receive a notification

  • If you’re unavailable, tab the Ignore button
  • To see the call info screen, press join
  • From the call info screen, you can see all users invited to the group call

Step 2: If you want to join the call, press Join

Step 3: During the call, you can press Open to open the call info screen

Step 4: Add more users to the group call by pressing Add

Step 5: Send notifications to the users that are already invited by the Pressing Ring

How to join a missed group call?

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and navigate to the call section

Step 2: Tap the ongoing call that you want to join

  • The call info screen will be displayed

Step 3: Tap Join

This will only work with ongoing calls. If the call has ended, you will have to manually restart it

Starting a group call is easy and calling friends and family only requires a few taps. WhatsApp offers an in-depth guide here. The steps are identical regarding the device and the feature is available on both Android and iOS systems.

For more information, WhatsApp has released a video that demonstrates how users can join an ongoing group video call that they have been invited to, even if they missed the call.

Although this is a simple tweak made to the group call feature, it can make communication between more than two users much easier. The new version of WhatsApp is currently rolling out on all platforms, however, users from different areas may receive it at different times. However, it is expected that everyone will receive the update this week. Check it out and test it by talking with friends and family using the updated group call feature.

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