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Your next “Need to Know” App: ZIRX

Zirx: You’ll never have to park your own car ever again. They’ve eliminated the hassles of parking.


Living in rural Maine means that I miss out on a lot of cool, innovative apps and startups that make life easier. Uber, for example, is something that I’ve never had the pleasure of using, despite hearing about how fantastic it is from my colleagues. This time around my friends have the pleasure of using ZIRX, a mobile valet app. That’s right, if you’re in the Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles area, you don’t ever have to worry about finding a parking spot again.

Here’s how it works:

  • First you’ll want to download the ZIRX app on your Android or iOS device (sorry Windows Phone users).
  • From within the app, you tell ZIRX where you’re going to be and when you’ll be there.
  • When you reach your destination, a ZIRX Agent, whose name and photo will be shown to you prior to arriving, will be there to valet your vehicle.
  • The Agent will then take your car to one of ZIRX’s “high security facilities” to store it until you need it again.
  • When you’re done, you simply tell the ZIRX app where you want the car delivered and, *VOILA* mobile valet service.


And this is all for one flat rate of $15/day. It’s not a subscription service, either. You pay $15 for the days you need valet service and that fee covers pickup, storage, redelivery, and a tip. Concerned with security? No need to be. On the ZIRX Security page it explains that there’s a $2 million insurance policy, $1 million for the car and the driver, and your vehicle is covered from the second the ZIRX Agent takes control to the second they deliver it.


Additionally, ZIRX Agents go through an extensive interviewing process, which includes being interviewed by the company CEO prior to being hired. A “Zero Tolerance” policy is also in effect, meaning you’re getting top notch service from beginning to end. It’s nice knowing that when I’m in town on business, whether it’s a convention or visiting any number of game or app developers that reside in the Seattle, Los Angeles, or San Francisco area, I don’t need to worry about knowing local laws and regulations for parking. Instead, I can turn to ZIRX and for only $15 can turn my vehicle over to a trusted company.

And $15 is a hell of a lot better than a parking ticket.

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Josh quit his career on state government to focus on full-time freelancing in the video game and tech fields. He lives in Maine with his wife and two children and in his free time ... who are we kidding, there is no free time.

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