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YouTube’s latest AR hotness lets you test out makeup while watching tutorials

This shows just how popular makeup tutorials really are.

Youtube ar makeup
Image: eConsultancy

YouTube is kicking up its advertising game a few notches, with some new technological tricks.

Those include an Augmented Reality try-on feature that works inside the YouTube app, a 360-video display format and a way to run YouTube livestream content inside of ads. You might even call these new features “Add-ons.”

AR Beauty Try-On might just revolutionize the makeup review game

Makeup reviews and tutorials are some of the most-watched pieces of content on YouTube. I mean, it’s infinitely preferable to going to those imposing counters in your local retail store, right? YouTube’s new advertising tool takes that up a notch, letting viewers use AR to virtually try on the makeup being discussed.

The feature is still in alpha testing at the moment, offered to creators through YouTube’s clearinghouse of branded content, FameBit. Several beauty brands have already trialed the AR Beauty Try-On feature, with data showing that almost a third of viewers on the iOS app chose to test it out.

With engagement metrics benefiting both creator and brand, I can see this being a popular addition to the app once it gets out of testing.

Other advertising add-ons announced today:

  • Swirl: Lets brands create 360-degree videos of their products, so customers can rotate, zoom or see animated versions of the product
  • Google Web Designer: Now lets brands embed livestreamed content into ads, extending the reach of the campaigns

Google says all of the new tools will be available to brands and advertisers later this summer.

What do you think? Interested in these new features coming to YouTube? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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