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1 in 5 EV buyers are switching back to gas-powered cars, according to a new study

People are switching back for various reasons.

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There has been a huge surge in the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) over the last few years. Many governments and vehicle manufacturers have been in favor of EVs over traditional gasoline engines, and some even plan to eliminate internal combustion engines altogether. Still, a new study shows that around 20% of EV buyers are switching back to traditional, gasoline engines for their next car.

The study, which came from Nature Energy, compiled data from a pool of 4,160 people. This data was collected from people who purchased an EV between 2012 and 2018, so it is important to note that this data is somewhat dated, and EVs have certainly progressed since then.

Of the 4,160 people involved in the study, around half had decided to purchase another car, with around 20% deciding to switch back to gasoline. The report stated several different reasons for why people were choosing to go back to gas-powered vehicles.

Many people who decided make the switch back from an EV to a gasoline engine were people who only owned one vehicle. Strangely, the study also claimed that women were more likely to go back to a gas-powered vehicle, though there wasn’t a lot of reasoning as to why. Another major factor in people switching back was the charging infrastructure required by EVs.

People who lived in apartments or other places where charging could be difficult were more likely to switch back. Unless you are a homeowner, or in an area with sufficient charging mechanisms, owning an EV can be very difficult. The study also found that public infrastructure alone was not always enough to make an individual continue using an EV, implying that people were more likely to keep an EV if they had charging capabilities in their homes.

Of course, this data is all relatively dated when considering the progress of EVs over the last couple of years. Infrastructure has improved greatly, as have the EVs themselves. Chances are that the number of people switching back to gasoline engines from EVs will decrease as the electric vehicle industry continues to improve.

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