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Millions of Ford vehicles will implement Android Auto starting in 2023

Ford’s deal with Google comes after GM announced a similar strategic partnership with Microsoft.

ford autopilot features
Image: Ford

Google and Ford announced that they have started a six-year partnership that includes making an Android OS as the basis for screens in millions of Ford vehicles. Furthermore, the partnership consists of both companies collaborating on new technologies and the use of already established ones.

The partnership will bring millions of dollars to Google, which means Google will be the preferred cloud data storage provider for Ford. Ford will also get access to Google’s data analytics capabilities and artificial intelligence to better deal with the loads of data it collects from its customers. Consequently, Ford expects to improve in operations such as marketing, manufacturing, and customer service. 

As a result of the deep integration of Android, Ford drivers will be able to make voice commands in the car and enable Google Maps without using their Android phones. Over-the-air updates will also be possible as a result of this new deep integration. The people at Ford believe that with the over-the-air updates, they can easily add new features or deal with maintenance issues.

Ford’s deal with Google comes after General Motors (GM) announced a similar strategic partnership with Microsoft. GM’s partnership made Microsoft their primary cloud provider for their vehicles and their subsidiary Cruise. Cruise is General Motor’s self-driving division. However, it’s unclear whether Cruise will also use Microsoft’s cloud and computing systems. Surprisingly, Ford also didn’t reveal whether they plan to use Google’s cloud capabilities for its autonomous vehicles. 

For a long time, major players in the automotive industry, such as Ford and General Motors, restrained from using the services of big tech companies. At least not to the extent presented in the new contracts. According to experts and analysts, the primary reason they kept big tech companies at arm’s length was to stop them from using their valuable customer data flows.

However, it seems that Ford has weighed-in and decided to allow Google to take a sneak peek under the hood. In return, Ford hopes to give its customers a more smartphone-like in-car experience than what they have to offer.

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