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3 cool RC gadgets every geek should own

Looking to throw some money away at some of the best RC gadgets on the market? We outlined three of our favorites below.

Parrot Mambo Mini Drone
Image: Kevin Raposo

Yes, it’s clear that most people who love driving RC toys are geeks and nerds. Furthermore, the entire remote control community is considered as nerdy because they like something that appears childish. Still, we all know the fun of driving an RC Monster Truck. It’s even more exciting like getting your brand new toy boat on the lake.

However, you can only enjoy if you’re using the best RC gadgets. They should implement robust designs and advanced features. The market has many wannabes, so I’ve decided to list three of my favorite RC gadgets for all those geeks out there!

Traxxas Summit Monster Truck

traxxas summit monster truck

Image: Off-Road

For every child growing up, this is simply the best remote control car that they dream of having. It has a 1/10 scale, a complete electric engine, and it’s a 4-wheel drive. Such a monster truck is the best off-road RC toy you need to own. Besides, according to RC rank auto reviews, the bad boy is quite popular now!

It also has 16.8V EVX-2 ESC and one incredible Titan 775 motor. You’ll not find any other which is larger than the Traxxas Summit Terrain Monster. It can move at high speeds through any terrain while still giving you impressive performance. It’s also completely waterproof meaning that you’re free to drive it anywhere!

So that you don’t get your juice cut off too soon, the summit is also furnished with two powerful batteries. I noticed that the car tends to be a bit picky here for those who may want to add some additional features. It will only accept NiMH and LiPo configurations.

If it’s from Traxxas, it must have the normal TQi 2.4GHz transmitter which it does! You will not find another hot wire in today’s market. If you are an RC fun like me, this is a car that you need to try out!

Parrot Bebop Drone 2

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV

The Parrot Bebob is one of the most exciting RC drones that I’ve come across. It has great features, and it comes at a rather low price. It’s also small in size meaning that it fits perfectly in your bag pack. When it comes to flight, well, it’s just one of the gorgeous things I’ve seen in any RC drone.

You can control it using a mobile device, for example, a tablet or phone. You can even buy the Sky controller remote control which widens the available functions and range. Sadly, I need to tell you that the quality of the camera is quite disappointing. But this should not prevent you from getting the gadget; the drone does some amazing stunts.

I learned that this is the drone you get when you want to have fun with friends, maybe in the park. It’s durable and has a variety of safety features that protect it in case of a crash landing!

Traxxas Brushless Muscleboat 57076

Traxxas Brushless Muscleboat 57076

I’ve shown you my best pick of RC cars and drones. Now let me talk about a captivating RC boat. Traxxas again gifts us with a fantastic product by introducing the Spartan Brushless Muscleboat. It comes fully equipped with a water cooling system which keeps the engine at standard temperatures. It’s also fully protected from any voltage failures.

Lastly, its 2.4GHz remote control system has five channels which you’ll get to play and enjoy using. To put it in simpler terms, well, it’s just a blast!


Above are my top 3 RC gadgets for you geeks and nerds. I appreciate that you share the same passion and love for technology as I do, and it’s only fair that I share some of my ideas. Even so, remember that these toys do not come cheap, but they are fun and exciting!

James Ronald loves the tech world especially geeky gadgets. Since he was young he has been collecting drones and all kinds of other collectibles. If you need an opinion, he’s your go-to guy.

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