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5 best tech gifts for kids & teenagers

Whether they are into robots, remote-controlled toys, or something else entirely, you are sure to find something here they will love. 

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Kids these days love keeping up with the latest technology and cool gadgets trending. If you are looking for a gift idea for someone into technology and need a present for that special occasion? Then it makes sense to choose something tech-related and maybe something electronic. But, technology changes all the time, so choosing the latest and best tech toys for kids can be something of a challenge. 

Tech is great for kids because it can help them learn many new skills which will be valuable as they get older too. STEM skills can often be obtained through cool tech toys, and kids will be having so much fun they won’t even realize they are learning at the same time. Here, we have rounded up five of the best technology gifts for kids aged 8 to 14 years old. Whether they are into robots, remote-controlled toys, or something else entirely, you are sure to find something here they will love

5 Latest Tech Toys and Games for Children

12-in-1 Robot Toy

Our first pick is this awesome 12-in-1 robot building kit and is one of the newest gadgets available. It comes with almost 200 pieces to assemble, including a motor, a solar panel to power the robot, and wheels for it to move around on. The pieces can be built in one of 12 different ways, each of which moves around differently. Some of the possibilities include a puppy robot, a crab robot, or a surf-bot. So, kids can have hours of fun dismantling and rebuilding their robot as they work through all the different possibilities.

Some of the robots can move in water, whilst others will only be able to walk or roll around on land. There are no batteries required to power the robots, as they operate instead of using a solar panel. Some of the robots are easier to build whilst others are more difficult, so the kit is perfect for beginners and more advanced builders alike.

4M Table Top Robot

Our next pick is another awesome robot toy, because robots are one of the best kids tech toys! This one comes from one of the best brands in STEM toys – 4M. This robot-building kit is ideal for children aged eight years and above and it comes with all of the necessary parts. There are not too many pieces to put together, and the instructions are easy to follow, so kids don’t have to wait long before they can start playing with their robot.

Once it has been assembled, the robot crab will crawl around and can change direction when it bumps into an obstacle – it is great fun to watch! The robot can also detect the edges of a table when it is scuttling around so it can avoid falling off.

Toysmith Voice Changer

Kids can have endless hours of fun with this great toy! The voice changer has ten different modifiers so kids can try them all to see which produces the funniest effects. There are also sliders to further adjust the amplitude and frequency of the sound so there are endless possibilities of the types of sounds that can be produced.

The voice changer has flashing LEDs in different colors to make it even more fun to use, particularly in the dark. Parents will love how the toy comes with a battery included, so kids can start using it straight away.

Ravensburger Gravitrax

The next of our best tech gifts is this awesome marble run that can help kids learn more about how gravity works. There are more than 120 pieces to assemble and they can be arranged in different ways for kids to discover how this will affect how the marbles move. For the balls to move around the maze, a combination of gravity, engineering, kinetics, and magnetism are used. If you’re looking for educational tech for kids, this is one of the best picks.

Fistone RC Dinosaur

Finishing with our guide to the best tech gifts for kids we have this cool remote-controlled dinosaur toy robot. It has many different functions which are sure to impress boys and girls of all ages. It can play music and dance, spin in 360 degrees, fight, slide, and walk. The dinosaur comes with an infrared remote that can be used to make it perform all the fun functions such as roaring, moving its tail, and more. The remote can also be used to program up to 50 functions at a time, to be performed simultaneously one after another. Kids will have hours of fun with this great toy!

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