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I learned it from you! – A cannabis-themed gift guide for Father’s Day

“Sure as hell beats another coffee mug.” – your dad

fathers day guide for the dad who smokes weed
Image: Green Rush Daily

Shopping for Mother’s Day is easy. Get her some flowers, or a gift basket with a candle, or if you’re too lazy/cheap to do that, have one of your kid brothers make her a heart-shaped pancake (that always ends up looking more like a scrotum than a heart) and call it breakfast in bed.

But dads? Dads are impossible to shop for. You can’t afford that new grill he’s been eyeing (and even if you could, it would make your Mom’s nutsack pancake look all the worse), and he’s been promising to “literally hang himself” with the next tie you buy him for years now, so what do you turn to?

The answer – as is the answer to most things – is “weed.” With marijuana legalization becoming a bigger part of public discourse by the day, dads across the country have been dusting off their old pipes and ELP records in order to “reconnect with their youth,” so to speak.

But just because your dad hasn’t blazed since the ’70s doesn’t mean he still needs to be using his old smoking gear from the ’70s. So with that in mind, here are a few gift ideas for you to puff, puff, pass to your dad this Father’s Day.

LucidMood Pens

lucidmood vape pens for dad

Image: LucidMood

The laws aren’t the only thing that’s changed regarding marijuana since your dad last lit one up. The THC potency of the average strain has more than tripled in the past few years alone, which can be a lot to handle if you’re just getting back in the swing of smoking.

Luckily for your old man’s weak-ass baby lungs, LucidMood has created a line of vape pens that are perfect for the newly-converted (or re-converted) stoner.

With the goal of “elevating your mood without altering your mind,” LucidMood offers a pen for every temperament, from “Relax” and “Calm” to “Energy” and “Party”, tailor-made for whatever experience you’re after without all the negative effects.

Price: $25+ | LucidMood


ccell dart vaporizer

Image: CCELL

No matter what level of smoker your Dad is, chances are he’s after a more discreet experience than the joints and bowls of old. He’s after a vape, even if he doesn’t know what a vape is or the first thing about how to operate one. But when it comes to an easy-to-use, discreet vape, it doesn’t get much better than the DART by CCELL.

Designed with the Dad in mind, the DART is not only smaller than your average 510 thread cartridge but utilizes a medical-grade ceramic chamber to enhance flavor and eliminate dreaded preheat times. Just pitch it to your Dad as a USB that erases memory.

Price: $39.99+ | CCELL

Higher Standard Bongs & Rigs

glass pipe on table for dad

Photo: SmokeSmith Gear

Of course, if your dad *is* the type of guy to go head-on into a new adventure (or you’re just looking to send him to the moon for an afternoon), then a new piece of glassware from Higher Standards is sure to do the trick.

Made from heavy-duty glass that’s guaranteed to provide maximum durability and flavor, Higher Standards’ line of bongs and rigs are a huge step up from what you’ll find at the average pipe shop. Check them out on vapor.com.

Price: $160+ | vapor.com

The OTTO Herb Grinder/Joint Roller

otto weed roller

Image: Banana Bros.

I mentioned this product back in my Holiday Gift Guide for Stoners and again in its own article, but since every single person I know doesn’t have one I’m going to assume that no one is listening.

The OTTO herb grinder is the greatest thing to happen to the weed industry since, well, weed. It uses AI to grind your weed to perfection. Then it rolls you a perfect cone, each and every damn time.

If your dad loves a joint but hates rolling them on account of his arthritis, then this is the gift for him. Buy one now on Amazon.

Price: $130 | Amazon

Revelry Smell-Proof Travel Bags

fathers day gift guide for dad

Image: Revelry

For the dad who likes to be in Mother Nature while enjoying Mother Nature, Revelry’s line of duffle bags, backpacks, and accessories will absolutely restore (or uphold) your status as the favorite kid this Father’s Day.

Made of high-quality materials in a number of unique colors, Revelry’s bags also boast the claim of being one of the only smell-proof bags on the market. Because the only thing that smells worse than the inside of a bowl is your dad’s old gym bag. Facts.

Price: Varies | Vapor.com, Revelry

What do you think? Plan on getting of these things for Pops (or yourself)? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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