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The Best Nintendo Switch cases money can buy right now, according to Amazon shoppers

We all need a little protection from time to time, right?

hard shell nintendo switch case
Image: Amazon

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console, both when used docked to your TV and when in portable, handheld mode. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play the latest Mario games while sitting on the subway?

The thing is, the same portability also means more chances of accidental damage while out of the home. Since Nintendo doesn’t include a carrying case in the bundle (although it should), one of the first thing that Switch owners should purchase is a sturdy carrying case.

Here are the best Nintendo Switch carrying cases, according to Amazon

tomtoc Ultra Slim Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

hard shell nintendo switch case

Image: Amazon

If you want a case to protect your Nintendo Switch that won’t take up much space inside your backpack, check out this $21 ultra slim model from tomtoc.

It’s only slightly thicker than the console itself but manages to find space for 10 game cartridges. It’s also passed the Mil-spec test for drop protection, so you can sling your bag around as normal.

Price: $20.99 | Amazon

IHK Carrying Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch

ihk nintendo switch carrying case

Image: Amazon

This carrying case from IHK might not have Mil-spec tests, but with 92-percent of its 107 reviews being five-star, it’s worth a look.

For under $9, it still sports an EVA outside for protection from bumps, scratches and other damage, and there’s space for 10 game cartridges and even some small accessories. No space for a charger though, so you’ll have to put that into another bag.

Price: $8.98 | Amazon

AmazonBasics Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch and Accessories 

amazonbasics carrying case

Image: Amazon

The ever-dependable (and wallet-friendly) AmazonBasics range has two Nintendo Switch carrying cases in the top of the pack.

This $12 case can hold your Switch, 10 game cartridges, additional Joy-Cons, and even a small AC adapter or car adapter. The hard-shell protects from dings and bumps, and the internal velvet covering stops anything from scratching your Switch.

Price: $11.90 | Amazon

Rayvol Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch rayvol deluxe nintendo switch carrying case

Okay, if you absolutely need to carry your Nintendo Switch and all your accessories, this deluxe carrying case from Rayvol is well worth the $30.

It has all the space needed for your Switch, extra Joy-Cons, the adapter to turn Joy-Cons into a controller, the TV dock, a Pro Controller and 28 games. Phew, that’s a tonne of space.

Price: $29.99 | Amazon

AmazonBasics Vault Case for Nintendo Switch amazonbasics vault case

Image: AmazonIf you don’t like the other AmazonBasics case on this list, maybe the Vault case will be more to your liking.

Form-fitting foam carries your Switch and eight games in hard-shelled comfort. It’s got an automatic lock to keep it closed if it’s accidentally dropped, and is backed by the usual 1-year AmazonBasics guarantee. Oh, and it’s under $20.

Price: $19.99 | Amazon

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag – Nintendo Switch – $34.44

powera everywhere messenger bag for nintendo switch

Image: Amazon

If you want to carry everything Nintendo Switch-related at once, the PowerA Everywhere Messenger bag will do all that, and more. You’ve got pockets for the console, dock, controllers, games, power adapters and anything else you can think of. It might be $35, but you get a lot for that cash.

There’s even an included zip-up carrying case for your Switch, so your precious console is double-protected. Oh, and you can get it in three styles, this plain Switch badged one, a Mario Bros. themed design, and a Legend of Zelda: BotW theme.

Do you use a carrying case for your Switch? Which one do you use? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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