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If you dropped the ball on Mother’s Day, here are 6 of the best gadgets for every type of mom in your life

There’s still time to redeem yourself.

Mother looking at a tablet with her children
Image: Unsplash

Whether buying for your mom or another mom — spouses included — some options work much better than others. Flowers and jewelry, for example, are too cliche and may give a message of hurried intent.

They’re the go-to for most people giving gifts of this nature, so it’s almost always better to come up with something more unique. Special gifts also show someone put a little more thought into the act, even if it’s last minute.

In light of all that, here are some rather interesting gadgets that fit the moms in our lives:

Drop Connected Kitchen Scale

If portion control or healthy eating has ever been muttered by mom, the Drop Connected Kitchen Scale is the perfect solution. It syncs up with Android and iOS to offer smart measurements. Users can also access hundreds of step-by-step guides and recipes.

This scale is designed to measure ingredients as they’re placed within and will send alerts if the amount is not correct. It will even suggest simple ingredient substitutions if something is missing from a recipe. As with most scales, it also measures weight and portion sizes.

Price: $40

3rd Gen Echo Dot + Smart Bulb Kit

Amazon echo and smart bulbs combo
Image: Amazon

Smart speakers are great, and Amazon’s Alexa makes voice commands so easy. But rather than getting a smart speaker and calling it a day, why not also include something that works great with Echo? Queue the Echo Dot and Smart Bulb Kit, which includes everything needed to experience Alexa.

Wherever the bulb is placed, users can call out to Alexa to turn on or off the light. Automation is also possible, by setting lights to activate on a schedule which is great for times while the family is away or the home is empty.

Mom will love it!

Price: $90

iLife A7 robotic vacuum

Irobot vacuum cleaner
Image: iRobot

Cleaning sucks, but it’s a necessary evil. Between laundry, the dishes, sweeping and mopping, general tidying and various other tasks, most moms have a lot on their plate. Even with help, there’s still a lot to do.

The best gifts are those that can make life easier, which is what the iLife A7 smart robotic vacuum does. It’s WiFi capable and can be controlled from anywhere via a mobile app. But it also operates entirely on its own, navigating and cleaning a home on schedule. It will even return to its dock without help.

Price: $210

Baby Plus

Babyplus system
Image: BabyPlus

Know a soon-to-be-mom gearing up for their first — or another — child? Something interesting to know is that children begin forming memories even within the womb, and most of those memories are influenced by external sound. But too much noise can be bad for the baby, at least the unwanted kind.

The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is designed to send the right sounds to babies, at the right time. Developmentally positive rhythms are sent to the baby by mimicking the maternal heartbeat. The BabyPlus System helps promote early growth and education allowing children to develop cognitively even inside the womb!

It’s sure to make any expectant mother extra happy!

Price: $135-199

Tile Pro

Tile pro on table
Image: Tile

Misplacing keys or the TV remote is a way of life. Can someone even call themselves human if they’ve never had to uproot their home or wander aimlessly searching for these items? If the rest of us have trouble locating items, then all the moms out there surely do!

Tile Pro can solve that. It’s a small Bluetooth tracker that attaches to a keychain or small items. When a connected item is lost, users can simply open a mobile app and track its whereabouts. The app can also sound an alarm which makes the tracker easier to find, especially if it’s buried under pillows or cushions.

Price: $30-50

Kindle Paperwhite

Image: Unsplash

Know a mom that always has her head buried in a book? Kindle’s Paperwhite is one of the best e-readers out there, offering a 6-inch 300 dpi display that is viewable in bright sunlight. In other words, this thing is great indoors and out and provides an excellent reading experience. It’s also waterproof so mom can keep reading in the bath, hot tub, pool or at the beach.

When ordering, one will need to choose between 8GB or 32GB of built-in storage which determines how much content it can hold. It’s worth noting that the bigger size includes a built-in backlight for reading at night.

Price: $90

Think outside the box

What is the best thing these devices have in common? They’re not cliche! Gift any one of them instead of settling with a gift card, jewelry or flowers and you’re sure to be ahead of the curve. Better yet, there’s an option here for every type of mom out there.

What do you think of the products above? Any of them catching your eye? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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