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7 tips to increase email sign-ups

Elevate your email marketing prowess by focusing in on these essential ingredients that are indispensable for success.

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Emails are the most effective way to build relationships with your audience. With a strong conversion rate across multiple industries of over 6%.

Emails help to create a conversation between your brand and subscribers to keep them in touch with updates and motivate them to act when necessary.

Cultivating an email list may initially appear daunting, primarily if you aim for rapid growth while maintaining efficiency. However, it is worth putting in the work since your email list will be your most important investment with a huge ROI.

One crucial element in the vast digital landscape, where triumphs and setbacks coexist, is a top-notch email list.

Elevate your email marketing prowess by focusing on these indispensable ingredients:

Create specific lead magnets

Lead magnets are always effective because they give visitors a real, tangible reason to sign up for your list. You need to be able to entice them and give them a reason to drop their email address. This could come in the form of:

  • eBooks
  • eCourses
  • Worksheet
  • Checklist
  • Templates
  • Free Consultation

The lead magnet must be closely related to what your visitors are reading about on your blog and provide value to them.

People are being offered free excel courses with certificates for registering. Full text: courses / log-in / register free excel courses with certificates k
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Puneet from ExcelChamps says he has 4-5 five free courses on his Excel blog to convert all the major content categories which they cover. And they also give certificates to the students once they complete a course.

Pop-ups form on your site

When done correctly, forms are game changers in building your email list. When creating pop-up forms, you should have user experience in mind. This will ensure that your pop-up is relevant and timed.

For example, you can create a simple pop-up box that appears after the user has spent some time on your Site. It could come in the form of a discount for their first purchase.

If you have a clearer understanding of who your audience is and the kind of offers, they enjoy, you can leverage that and create a more visual form that will emphasize the value of your offer.

It helps to ensure that the pop-up form remains appealing through high-quality content and irresistible incentives like freebies, coupon codes, discounts, etc.

When creating a pop-up form, use the online form builder tools that can help you create exciting forms that look like they were made by professionals.

The estimated percentage for getting new subscribers is 10-30% using the pop-up form. So, you need to leverage that and create a compelling pop-up form that has strong CTAs, like:

  • Sign me up.
  • Buy now and get “X” for free.
  • Download now.
  • Send me…
The image is encouraging the viewer to sign up for a newsletter to receive a 10% discount on their first order. Full text: sign up and save subscribe to our newsletter and receive 10% off your first order. Your email email address sign up i̇k
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Leverage your social media accounts

Many people who follow your brand on social media already enjoy the content you post and feel connected to your brand.

First, you’ll need to direct visitors to a specific landing page on your Site. Then, you can share the link to the landing page on your bios in your social media accounts. Ensure accessibility of the link and a captivating landing page for optimal results.

Most social media platforms support buttons or forms that will enable you to add a simple email option to your page.

Social media campaign

This is another way you can use social media to encourage your followers to join your newsletter. Share positive testimonials on your social media accounts. This will encourage your followers to visit your landing page and sign-up.

Social media offers a huge reach and increased visibility, so whether you are a small business or not, you should leverage social media.

Create email sign-up landing pages

Landing pages are designed mainly for one purpose; to entice the readers to take action. It has to hook the readers, so they become interested in what you have and give out their email addresses.

Landing pages can be powerful because you can create multiple landing pages tailored to a particular segment of your audience in a way that captures every buyer in their journey and can be linked directly to your Facebook ads or LinkedIn posts.

This image is providing information about medicare supplement plan and part d prescription drug plans, as well as offering assistance to customers with a phone number to call. Full text: medicare supplement plan need help? Call (800) 256-6989 contact us now get the right medicare plan your name for you your email we help you learn about medicare your phone supplement plan & part d prescription drug plans zip code 0 medicare plan simplified full customer support submit trusted medicare providers need help? Call (800) 256-6989 to speak to a licensed agent companies we work with humana. Aetna 9cigna *k medico
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To personalize your landing page, you need,

  • A strong headline that emphasizes the benefits they’ll get from signing up
  • Enticing copy that captures their attention.
  • A powerful image that accompanies the message.

Entice your readers with valuable content

It is vital to keep in mind that your value proposition extends beyond your physical product or subscription.

You started your online business to solve a problem which means you have valuable ideas and solutions, and these ideas and solutions can solve people’s problems.

By sharing those ideas in the form of blog posts or downloadable content, you create a lead magnet that adds value for your target audience, builds trust in your brand, and attracts subscribers and, eventually, more customers.

A free e-book or guide in the form of how-to content, case studies, and additional tips are perfect examples.

In this image, derek is offering a free ebook to teach people simple tactics to attract life-long customers through real-world examples. Full text: want to learn how to get 5,000 subscribers for free? Derek will teach you simple tactics to attract life-long customers through real-world examples. Gimmie the i reject the free ebook free ebook *k credit: socialtriggers. Com
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Host a giveaway

In eCommerce, giveaways have emerged as a potent strategy embraced by numerous online stores to secure a fresh influx of email subscribers. With an estimated acquisition rate of 30%, this approach has become a force to be reckoned with.

This is because the news of giveaways spreads fast, allowing you to quickly collect tons of email addresses.

One rule to follow when creating your giveaway is this; the prize you give away must be relevant and aimed at your target audience. This way, you are getting more subscribers and quality leads, which is essential for the growth of your business.

This image is encouraging website owners to use optinmonster to keep visitors on their site longer and offering a 35% discount. Full text: 70% of your visitors do exactly what you just did and never come back! Keep them on your site longer with optinmonster save 35% or more! Claim your discount now credit: optinmonster. Com
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Also, giveaways have the additional benefit of increasing brand awareness. So, it’s a win-win as you can lure in new customers while growing your list simultaneously.

Run referral marketing

Referred customers convert five times faster and are more likely to be engaged and willing to purchase. A friend recommendation is a sure way to convince people to join your list, trust your brand, and purchase from you.

For this to work effectively, you need to craft a reward to give them a good reason to refer. Discounts, special offers, and redeemable store point all work well.

The secret to expanding and engaging your email list involves people who appreciate your work. Invite them to participate and unlock the path to a vibrant and dedicated email community.

This image is promoting a referral program where people can get discounts on kits by sharing a link with their friends, and they will also get rewarded when their friends purchase. Full text: give some, get some. Give $5 off any kit to your friends. Don't worry, you'll get $5 off yours when they purchase. Win-win. Det invite link share on social media (you'll see a preview before you post) how it works share your link with friends your friend buys via your link you get rewarded
Image: KnowTechie

Referral programs are among the most popular tools used in eCommerce to build a strong and loyal subscriber base, with an estimated percentage of 30% new subscribers every time it is used properly.

Overall, to start generating great results with your email list, you must put in great email marketing efforts to build a great list.

The examples above are all things you can do to increase your business’s email list. The best way to do so is to leverage multiple strategies. This helps you reach your audiences from various angles and increases the chances of growing your list.

To make the most out of your email marketing efforts: it’s essential to continue learning and refining your strategies and, of course, using the right tools to implement them.

Some methods will work better than others. The key is to combine them and get the best possible result for your business. And what matters is not how fast you can build your list but how effectively you acquire new leads and can retain them.

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