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9 of the best apps to learn data science

All the apps mentioned below are available on the leading app stores, where you can download and kick start your learning journey.

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Big Data technology has rapidly grown in recent years. Companies are investing more money to get detailed customer insight data. Customer insight enables businesses to make informed decisions.

That said, the use of mobile phones has also grown and is gradually replacing desktops. Mobile apps have created conveniences on how you go about your daily life, including learning. Data science has not lagged and is fast adopting the use of mobile apps. Anyone wishing to learn and practice data science should check out this list of mobile apps.

1. Elevate

Elevate is a mobile cognitive training tool that enhances analytical and communication skills. The app comes in both Android and iOS versions. It was launched in 2014 and seeks to train you on cognitive skills like focus, math, processing speed, and speaking abilities. This personalized learning provides three exercises daily, which are accorded based on your previous performance. The app has over 35+ games and has increased its users to more than 50 million.

2. QPython

This mobile app is a python script engine that helps you learn python programming on Android. It contains a console, python interpreter, SL4A library, and editor for Android systems. Also, it has integrated a bottle library that enables WebApp development. Additionally, its SL4A library supports Android APIs.

The app has two main subdivisions: QPython 3x for experienced python users and QPython OL for beginners. Users can also enjoy other amazing features, such as support for multiple types of python projects.

3. DataCamp

This app is an interactive learning platform for anyone wishing to become a data scientist. It provides features to learn Spark, Python, SQL, and R from the comfort of your mobile phone. The app features more than 100 courses in gamification, high-quality videos, and in-browser coding. At dataCamp, users learn via short expert videos then practice what they have learned in their browsers. The platform also provides daily challenges where you practice your skills.

4. Lumosity

The app is a Lumos Labs product that consists of customized games that can help you improve attention, memory, speed, and flexibility. Developed in 2005, it has since grown in popularity for its brain training. The program consists of various disciplines like data science and neuroscience, making cognitive training available for everyone. Anyone looking for a way to train their cognitive abilities will have fun with the puzzle games.

5. Math Workout

Math is critical in data science. For that reason, the Math workout application comes to help those who aren’t that good with numbers. It provides tests inspired by the Kumon system for users to solve, which helps in brain training and mental math development.

Apart from keeping your mind healthy, it also enables you to do numerical calculations like a pro. Keep in mind that its challenges come in multiple languages such as Chinese, Armenian, Hindi, and Russian.

6. Programming Hub

Programming Hub is a free, easy online platform that helps people in the tech industry with programming manuals for different languages. Its programing manuals include Java, HTML, C++, R, Python, C# C, and many more. With its 5000 program collections, the app boasts of more than 120 million users in 190 countries.

It makes programming fun and interactive, which enhances learning. It is also good to mention that it came about through a collaboration with Google experts.

7. Basic Statistics

If you are a beginner in data sciences and data analytics, this is a must-have app. Basic Statistics is an iOS and Android app for learning and revising statistics. It contains essential information from expert teachers and lecturers. It also comes with definitions, quizzes, and examples. Basically, the app helps simplify complex statistical concepts and jargon for students.

As a data science student, Basic statistics can help you derive insights from large data. It will also help you boost your concepts on data description, frequency distribution, and hypothesis testing.

8. NeuroNation

The award-winning app, NeuroNation is a German scientific cognitive training app that helps users improve their brain activity. The app insists on enhancing logical thinking and intelligence, with more than 60 distinct sets of exercises and activities.

It comes in both Android and iOS and allows users to challenge one another in exercises and games while keeping track of their performance. It has outstanding features like personalization, scientific basics, different effects, and detailed process analysis.

9. Data Science 101

As the name suggests, Data Science 101 is an educational platform that helps its users learn about machine learning algorithms. If you are a data science enthusiast, this is the place that will give you a beginner’s guide, where you can learn and practice. The app provides high-quality resources for learning different ML algorithms such as SVM, KNN, linear regression, and many more. You can also use it to develop your own data science projects.


All the apps mentioned above are available on the leading app stores, where you can download and kick start your learning journey. However, they cannot all fit on your mobile device, and hence you need to choose the ones that suit you best.

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