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A 50-year old biker dude used FaceApp to trick followers into believing he was a younger woman

I mean, he’s clearly living his best life.

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Image: azusagakuyuk / Twitter

Popular Japanese biker, @azusagakuyuki seems to be everything you’d expect from a young, pretty woman with a growing Twitter following. The thing is, she’s actually not real, and the man behind the account has been using FaceApp and other image editing apps to make himself female.

I mean, he’s clearly living his best life by the looks of the scenery and tasty food that’s in all of their social media posts. He’s your normal, 50-something middle-aged man, which doesn’t usually garner that much attention on social media posts.

However, when he started using FaceApp to turn himself into the woman pictured below, those likes skyrocketed, and turned into the norm.

During a TV appearance on Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi (Sitting Up Late From Monday), Soya revealed that he was the actual face behind the popular motorcyclist’s Twitter account.

That was back in March, and his Twitter following has grown by another seven thousand followers since then. It seems that the Japanese don’t have the hangups of much of the western world, with fans giving him words of encouragement like “you have superb magic skills!!!” and “I watched the TV show and became your fan!”

With AI-powered editing tools becoming ever more popular, apps like FaceApp aren’t going away, so expect more social media users to do things like this. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to be someone else, even if it’s just for a day?

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