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Apple fans already found a new thing to complain about the upcoming iPhone 13

A survey also reports that most users are underwhelmed by iOS 15.

iphone 13 friday the 13th
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The time has almost come for Apple to reveal the next version of the iPhone. The company also recently announced its next major software update during the company’s WWDC event. A recent survey was conducted with iPhone and iPad users regarding both iOS 15 and the next iteration of the iPhone.

The survey was conducted by SellCell, and was aimed at gauging users’ feelings towards Apple’s recently announced software update. The survey also asked users how they felt about the possible name of the latest iPhone. The obvious next iteration would be the iPhone 13, but there are people who suffer from triskaidekaphobia, which is the fear of the number 13.

And even for those that don’t have triskaidekaphobia, many people out there have negative feelings towards the number 13, thanks to things like Friday the 13th.

This independent survey was conducted and data was compiled from around 3,000 iPhone and iPad users over the age of 18. SellCell compiled all of the data into several categories, but there were two main themes: “How do people feel about iPhone 13 as the name for the next iPhone?” and “How do people feel about iOS 15?”

How do people feel about iPhone 13 as the name for the next iPhone?

iphone 13 name ideas
Image: SellCell

Triskaidekaphobia is a very real thing. Many people and cultures are very superstitious about the number 13. So much so that many hotels and apartment buildings skip the number 13 as a floor in a building. Despite this, only around 18% of users revealed that they would be put off by the number 13 in a name for the next iPhone.

But this doesn’t mean that people love the name “iPhone 13.” The survey asked users what name they would prefer out of a list of five options, and only 26% of users preferred iPhone 13 as the name. The most popular name out of the options available was “iPhone (2021),” with 38% of users in favor. 7% of users preferred to skip 13 and go straight to “iPhone 14.”

So this shows that, while people don’t necessarily like the name iPhone 13, it won’t stop most people from buying it. It seems like most people are in favor of numbering the iPhone based on the year, similar to the way Samsung handles their Galaxy phones.

How do people feel about iOS 15?

ios 15 for iphone
Image: Apple

As for the reveal of iOS 15, the survey asked users how excited they were about the features they saw that will be part of the upcoming OS update. Surprisingly, most users don’t seem to be too excited about the update.

The survey asked users how excited they were about the update, with 1 being “extremely excited” and 5 being “not at all excited.” Only 4% of users were “extremely excited.” The majority of users (about 53%) were either “somewhat excited” or “not at all excited.” It seems like the new OS is lacking some features that would get people excited about the update.

The survey asked users what features they would like to see from the update. Many users were disappointed by the lack of always-on display and interactive widgets. 21% of users would have liked to see an always-on display for time and notifications, while a whopping 32.3% of iPhone and iPad users want interactive widgets as part of iOS 15.

This survey also included several other aspects, such as people’s opinions on the new digital legacy feature that gives an administrator access to some of your data after you die. While most people (53%) were comfortable using the feature, an overwhelming majority (71%) want to have control over what data is shared.

While there aren’t too many people that would not buy an iPhone 13 because of its name, many agree that there are better options. And it also looks like people aren’t super excited about iOS 15, which is okay. Not every OS update can be completely groundbreaking.

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