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A startup has raised $65 million for its weed breathalyzer

But does it work?

Hound labs thc breathalyzer
Image: Hound Labs

As marijuana becomes more accepted (and legal), we have to find new, accurate ways to test people at work or behind the wheel for impairment issues. Typically, THC tests can tell someone if you’ve smoked in the past 30 days or more, with saliva and urine test offering a look of the past few days, but can’t really pinpoint if you are high during the test.

For alcohol, we can use breathalyzers to find that information out, and now a new startup is developing a similar breathalyzer for testing for marijuana.

Hound Labs has raised a total of $65 million for its THC breathalyzer

Last week, Hound Labs closed on its Series D round of funding totaling $30 million which brings the total earned up to $65 million (according to Business Insider).

The breathalyzer can be used for both marijuana and alcohol and Hound Labs plans to launch it later this year. It definitely still needs additional testing, however.

Business Insider notes that one of the tests made by Hound only looked at 20 people and while it did a good job of detecting when someone had smoked or ingested edibles, it didn’t do any testing against people who didn’t have THC in their system. The testing was also paid for by Hound Labs which isn’t ideal for something like this.

Regardless, this is hopefully a step in the right direction, as accurate testing could definitely be one of the factors that can propel conversations about the legalization of the plant on the big stage.

What do you think? Is this promising or is it all just hype? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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