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Google’s Nest Doorbell has a new feature that knows when a package was delivered

This is pretty useful if you’re someone who’s constantly worried about your packages.

nest doorbell on white background
Image: Nest

If you’re a Nest Hello doorbell owner and constantly plagued by the thought of some desperate porch pirate stealing your delivered packages, Nest is rolling out a package detection feature that should hopefully give you some peace of mind.

Rolling out on August 27 in the US to Nest Aware subscribers, this new package detection feature fires off an alert anytime a package is delivered to your doorstep. An additional alert is sent out when someone picks up the package, letting you know it has made its way safely inside. There’s even the added ability to mark specific zones, like if you have certain places delivery drivers leave packages at.

Nest Aware subscribers will have the feature turned on by default when it officially rolls out. However, the feature can be turned off within the Nest app.

Google’s Nest Hello Doorbell sells for $229, but to get the package detection feature, you’ll have to be subscribed to Nest Aware, which starts at $5 a month and goes all the way to $30 a month. Additional pricing information can be found on Google’s website.

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