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How to add background music to your Instagram videos

Workarounds for both iOS and Android users!

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Instagram is one of the leading platforms that offer customizations within videos and pictures. There are a bunch of filters, editing options, and tools to make sure your post is creative and shows off your personality. However, unlike competitor Snapchat, there is no streamlined way to add background music. This doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, and I am here to show you how.

Putting background music into your Instagram Story is a bit of a hassle. The best way is to have another source, like your PC or your friend’s phone, playing the music in the background. However, on an iPhone, if you open up the Music app, you can load up a song you want to play.

The best way to time your music is to adjust the timer to play a couple seconds before you record. Next, open up the Instagram app and select the camera icon in the left corner to load up Stories. Next, swipe up to open your “Control Center” and hit play to start your music. Finally, close the control panel and record your Story.

It might take a few attempts in order to get it just right, but it’s the easiest process. You can also use third-party applications like Spotify or Pandora. Instead of using the control panel, use the app switcher to switch to Instagram.

If you prefer to record a video right from your phone instead of using the Instagram platform, you will have to use a different process. There are a few apps that will make adding background music to a video within your camera roll possible.



Image: iMore

Flipagram is one of the easiest apps to use, and it is available for iOS and Android devices. Once you have installed the app, create an account, and then search through millions of 90-second video clips of different songs. You can also choose to upload a song from your device. Select a song before you start recording your video, or add it after using the included video-editing software.

Before you record a video, there will be a music icon in the upper right corner. Select that to search through the music selection to browse, listen, or download the clip. If you find a clip that would work perfectly for a video you have already recorded, then you can select the music icon from the editing software at the bottom of the screen.

InShot Video Editor – Android Only

In shot

For Android users, InShot is a great substitution. To use the app, select “video” under create new, and then upload the video you want to use from your device. Next, edit the video however you’d like by trimming the length, filters, effects, and adding music. InShot offers a select number of audio clips, but you can add your own effects and audio clips. Select add music, and you are set.

Pic Music – iOS Only


Image: PicMusic

There are tons of video and picture editors on iOS, and included in that list is Pic Music. Pic Music allows you to add music to photos and photo slideshows.

With Pic Music, you can add music from your device to an image, or you can record your own device so you can narrate it. If you are using a song, Pic Music allows you to select a specific portion of the song, instead of dragging it out with a long piece. Alternatively, you can narrate a picture slideshow. If you are a person who enjoys pictures over video, then Pic Music is a great option to add another layer of depth to your content. The only problem with this app is that you will need to pay to get rid of the app’s watermark. Besides that, it’s a great platform for audio implementation.

Are these methods suitable for audio additions to Instagram posts? Are you going to use any of the third-party apps we described? Let us know down below and share us your posts as well!

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