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Alas, there’s finally a belt that charges your smartphone

The future is here, folks! The days of charging our phones in wall chargers like troglodytes are over.

The future is here, folks! The days of charging our phones in wall chargers like troglodytes are over.

Introducing the XOO Belt by Nifty:

“A smart belt that charges your phone, anytime and anywhere. Convenient, stylish & mighty.”

They’ve taken the latest in flexible battery technology and mashed it into a stylish belt that provides enough power to fully charge your phone at least once a day.

xoo charing belt


Here’s how it works: 

The team over at Nifty were able to develop a charging wire that magnetically embeds itself against the inside of the belt anytime it’s not in use. If you need to charge up, all you need to do is “flick down” to reveal the charging connector, then plug in and place your phone back in your pocket. Then, simply unplug when you’re done charging. That’s about it!

The Belt

Xoo smartphone charging belt

It seems like anytime the tech industry gets into fashion, the results are always cliché and eventually turn into a joke (for example: Google Glass).

The team at Nifty wanted to design something that people would actually wear, so they brought in a team of experienced designers to ensure a stylish product, instead of something you would find in a SkyMall catalog.

The Xoo Belt by Nifty is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. You can snag one of these for $150.

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