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Spotify users can now see real-time lyrics on almost any song

Perfect for ending arguments about lyrics or for impromptu karaoke sessions.

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Spotify just rolled-out worldwide, synchronized song lyrics for every single one of its users, both free and premium subscribers. It’s made possible through a partnership with Musixmatch, which will provide lyrics for a “majority” of Spotify tracks.

What’s more, it’s not limited to which platform you’re listening on. It works on iOS, Android, desktop, TV, and consoles. Perfect for ending those debates over misheard song lyrics, or giving you the lines if you want to sing along to your favorite bops.

The feature should be available on a device near you anytime now and if you want to see how it works, follow along below.

Here’s how to use synchronized song lyrics in Spotify

On the mobile app

Tap on the Now Playing View while listening to a song
Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Make sure to start a little bit above the bottom otherwise your phone’s system gestures might get triggered instead.spotify app lyrics
You’ll now see the lyrics to the song you’re listening to, which will scroll along with the songspotify app lyrics
You can also tap on the SHARE button to select some of the lyrics, then share them to your favorite third-party platform

On the Spotify desktop app (or browser)

While playing a song, click on the microphone icon on the “Now Playing” barspotify now playing bar showing microphone icon for synchronized lyrics
Now you’ll see the lyrics in real-time, synchronized to the playing song

On the SpotifyTV app

Open the Now Playing View for the song you are listening to
Move the cursor to the bottom-right corner, and click on the Lyrics button
Now you’ll have synchronized lyrics on screen

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This isn’t the first time that Spotify has teamed up with Musixmatch. A previous partnership ended in 2016, after five years of working together.

Spotify then had a short collaboration with Genius, which was limited to only a few songs, and worked slightly differently as it had more information on the song’s lyrics, like explanations of specific references used in the song.

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