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Amazon Cloud Cam review roundup – It’s great for the price, but missing some features

Here’s what some of the leading tech publications have to say about the all-new Amazon Cloud Cam.

Amazon cloud cam
Image: CNET

Alright, folks, the reviews are in for the all-new Amazon Cloud Cam. We’re here to round up all the best reviews and feedback regarding Amazon Cloud Cam. From the looks of it, the reviews are all positive, with a few exceptions. But with anything, you can judge for yourself.

The format is simple. We’ll outline key sections from each review in quotations, with a link pointing back to the original review for further reading. There’s no particular order, but all of the reviews sourced here are from trustworthy publications I read on a normal basis. If none of the links I provide here help you out, I’ll drop an additional link at the bottom where you can find more.

So, without any further delay, here’s what some of the best leading publications in tech have to say about the new Amazon Cloud Cam.


Amazon cloud cam

Image: CNET

The Good
The $120 Amazon Cloud Cam's crisp 1080p HD live feed
prompt motion notifications and free 24-hour clip storage set a new value standard for DIY indoor home security cameras.
The Bad
Only Amazon cloud subscribers can set motion zones and receive person alerts. Continuous recording is not available (even for subscribers)
and there's no local microSD card storage.

There isn’t much to dislike about the $120 Amazon Cloud Cam. The DIY indoor security camera is affordable, it performs well, its app is easy to use, and it offers plenty of features (free 24-hour clip storage!), even if you don’t pay for a Cloud Cam subscription. By keeping things simple, Amazon has managed to produce a superior product I heartily recommend. I do wish it had local microSD card storage, but Amazon put the full power of its AWS cloud servers behind Cloud Cam, and it works incredibly well.

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The Verge

Amazon cloud cam

Image: The Verge

The Good
Alexa voice controls
Crisp 1080p video quality
Low price
The Bad
Limited people and pet tracking
Service plans required to access video clips
Not weather sealed

Home security is clearly not Amazon’s main focus. So the big question in my mind is, will consumers choose the Cloud Cam over more dedicated providers like Canary or Ring simply because they offer an extremely competitive price? I think a lot of that depends on what Amazon does over the next year or two. If it continues to invest in the product and expand it functionality, that will help to build consumers trust in the Cloud Cam as a serious security device, not just a hardware experiment.

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Amazon cloud cam

Image: Digital Trends

The Good
The Bad
Some advanced features require a cloud-storage subscription
No provision for manually recording video or taking a screenshot of your feed
You'll need to buy a replacement power cord to enroll in the Amazon Key service

Amazon managed to pull off a tall task with its first security camera, outfitting it with advanced smart home and security features and making it dead simple to use. The Cloud Cam also has the potential to get smarter the more you use it: Stored video clips are reviewed using AWS cloud analytics, the company says, and over time the camera will recognize who and what are fixtures of your home and stop alerting you when your dog walks into the living room, for example.

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Tom’s Guide

Cloud cam

Image: Tom’s Guide

The Good
Intuitive app
Can distinguish between people and pets
Good video quality
The Bad
Requires monthly subscription for extra features
Limited smart home integration

All in all, the Amazon Cloud Cam is a safe entry for the shopping giant. It’s less expensive than its competitors, delivers good-quality video with a robust feature set and has good cloud storage options. However, with the exception of Amazon Key, there’s nothing that makes this camera stand out from others on the market. But maybe that’s all Amazon needs; its devices are there to make it easier for you to buy things; if the Cloud Cam makes it easier for you to receive the things you purchase, then it’s done its job.

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Amazon cloud cam slash

Image: SlashGear

The Good
Affordable camera undercuts the competition
Cloud storage plans are more affordable for multi-cam setups
1080p day and night vision is solid
The Bad
Free service doesn't include video downloads
Alexa integration is basic
120-degree lens is narrower than some rivals

There’s a lot to like about the Amazon Cloud Cam. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and works as promised. The Alexa integration feels a little half-baked right now, though, and I’d really like to see video history supported there too. Most frustrating, however, is the inability to download clips unless you’re a subscriber: that’s one of the most annoying aspects of Nest, and somewhere other rivals have a clear advantage.

> Read the full review here.

Well, that’s about it. If you want to browse through some more reviews, click here and it will lead to a broader selection of links.

The Amazon Cloud Cam is now available for purchase retails at $119.99 via Amazon. To learn more, click here.

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