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Amazon is blowing out a bunch of Anker car accessories in today’s GoldBox deal

Today only.

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Image: Amazon

Alright, maybe not a bunch of accessories, but at least you have four solid options to choose from.

Today only, Amazon is featuring four car accessories that you can get on the cheap. Three of the items on sale today are dash cams, you know, just in case you ever wanted to record everything you do on the road. Here are your three picks:

What’s the difference between all three? Well, the obvious answer here is price, but if you’re looking to learn more, click on the links and find out for yourself you lazy bum.

Last but not least, you have a Bluetooth receiver that hooks up to your car’s AUX jack. This device is selling for just $15 bucks and gives you the ability to wirelessly stream music or any type of audio through your car’s speakers.

We know, this isn’t the greatest GoldBox deal Amazon has had to offer, but if you’ve been on the fence on adding a dash cam to your car, scoop up any of these three because honestly, these are some of the best prices we’ve seen to date.

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