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The gracious overlords at Amazon have blessed employees with a closet to relax in

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Image: Amazon

When you think of places to relax, where does your mind go to? The beach? The mountains? What about a closet with a TV in it?

If you chose option number 3, then buddy, do I have good news for you. Amazon just announced it will be giving employees a closet that they can recharge in when they aren’t peeing in bottles.

As part of the WorkingWell, Amazon’s new mental health initiative, the company released a press release discussing everything, with the goal of “providing employees with physical and mental activities, wellness exercises, and healthy eating support that are scientifically proven to help them recharge and reenergize, and ultimately reduce the risk of injury.”

While that is nice on paper, the part that is getting the most attention is the “AmaZen” interactive kiosks. No matter how Amazon tries to frame it, these are closets. They feature a small desk and a monitor that plays videos with guided meditations, calming scenes, and more.

There are also plants on the wall (gotta love that fresh oxygen while hanging out in a box!) and even a skylight showing a simulated blue sky.

Gizmodo also reports that the company released a video of the closets on Twitter, but deleted it out of sheer embarrassment, as Twitter did what Twitter does, and roasted the dystopian nightmare into the ground. Thankfully, a couple of saints have reuploaded it to YouTube.

Yeah, this is dumb and extremely out-of-touch. Also, Amazon will probably be emailing us about this piece with a bunch of “but actually’s” so stay tuned for some edits.

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