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Amazon pretty much killed the department store – now it’s opening one of its own

A report from The Wall Street Journal details a new area that Amazon wants to conquer.

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Apparently not content with just changing the landscape of retail as we know it, Amazon could be looking to open new stores across the US. No, these aren’t going to be more fancy cashierless quick marts, but full-blown department stores.

This is coming from a new report from The Wall Street Journal which states that the company has been looking towards bigger, brick and mortar experiences. The report goes as far as to say that two years ago Amazon was approaching apparel brands with the idea.

While these stores reportedly wouldn’t be as large as the department stores of yesteryear, they would still be larger than any other stores Amazon currently has out there – coming in at approximately 30,000 square feet. REported locations include California and Ohio.

Amazon believes that there is still a large swath of people that desire these physical locations, as product purchases are more tangible, allowing customers to get a feel for something before buying.

This could also be a good way for the company to get its foot in the door for more fashion, as this is something the company has struggled with online, even with introducing new programs intended to convince people to buy more apparel on Amazon.

While physical retail struggled during the lockdowns caused by COVID-19, it’s no secret that ecommerce, spurred by Amazon, has been slowly chipping away at the monument that is retail shopping.

We reached out to Amazon for comment, but they’re not telling us much. We do not comment on rumors and speculation,” an Amazon spokesperson tells KnowTechie. Whatever the case may be, an Amazon department store doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

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