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Amazon is working on tech that identifies shoppers by the veins in their hands

Well, that’s one way to prevent identity theft.

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Hand scanning technology is almost a cliché thing in most sci-fi films and stories but according to Recode, Amazon is going to be bringing this technology to its Whole Foods and Amazon Go stores. The ecommerce giant is currently developing terminals where customers scan their hands for identification purposes.

The goal of this Star Trek-esque technology is to create a seamless shopping experience. Amazon is also looking to combat debit and credit card theft through the scanners, since biometric data that is tied to a specific person. After all, card numbers are easy to manipulate but a person’s actual biology is not.

Accurate and fast identification of a user provides useful information that may be used in a variety of ways. For example, entry to a material handling facility (facility), office, transportation facility, or other location may be controlled based on user identity.

Sounds logical, Captain.

Amazon is creating vein scanning technology for its physical stores – Here’s how it works

According to this patent, Amazon’s scanners will be a combination of infrared lights and cameras and it will be placed at the entrance of the store. A customer will walk up to them and place their hands onto them. The scanners will identify a customer based on the unique characteristics on the hands by taking two pictures. The first picture will show the skin’s surface and will display wrinkles and fingerprints and the second will be an x-ray of a customer’s veins.

Amazon is looking to have its customers use the vein scanning technology to purchase items. The company wants its customers to link a bank account to a person’s scans, which will be used at checkout.  The company recently tested this out at several Whole Foods locations to much success, as most customers like how well the whole process works.

If this new vein-scanning technology takes off, then using an app to pay for something could be as outdated as using a cashier’s check.

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