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Amazon now sells cheap 4K Fire TV-equipped televisions with Dolby Vision support

Starting from $329.99!

Amazon toshiba fire tv
Image: Amazon

Amazon’s Fire TV-equipped TVs have been around for a bit now, as part of the ongoing battle vs Roku. Yesterday, Amazon announced a new range which is the first from the partnership with Toshiba to include Dolby Vision support.

You can buy the largest one in the range right now (the 55-inch screen at $449.99), with the other two coming later this month.

Amazon put Fire TV inside a TV (again)

Amazon’s Fire TV already has 34 million active users, according to Amazon’s own figures. Adding Dolby Vision to the existing range keeps the Fire TV equipped TVs on parity with the TCL-built models with inbuilt Roku capabilities. The only other Fire TV device with Dolby Vision is the Fire TV Stick 4K at $50.

  • There’ll be three models in the range, a 43-inch at $329.99, a 50-inch at $379.99 and the flagship 55-inch at $449.99
  • The range was created by a partnership between Amazon, Toshiba and Best Buy
  • You’ll only be able to buy them from Amazon or Best Buy
  • Dolby Vision is probably the best HDR format on the market, with per-scene optimizations
  • Peak brightness is likely to be lower than other HDR TVs, but then these Amazon/Toshiba sets don’t cost $1000+

Features like Dolby Vision used to be the province of high-end TV sets. What Amazon and others are now showing is that those features can be included at a much lower price, enabling more people to experience the tech.

What do you think? Interested in one of these Amazon TV-equipped televisions? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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