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Apple could be working on a smaller iPhone called the iPhone 12 mini

Smaller size, smaller price?

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Whelp, another day, another iPhone leak. Serial anonymous leaker, l0vetodream, just tweeted out the names of the upcoming iPhone 12 range. The one name on the list we didn’t expect? An iPhone 12 mini, presumably the 5.4-inch device that previous reports mentioned.

That earlier report also said that the notch on the 5.4-inch device will be smaller, and who are we to doubt Ming-Chi Kuo when he says something? The only question I have on that is will it mean no Face ID, losing the face-scanning module to make that notch smaller? If so, expect a smaller price tag as well.

It’s believed that all of the iPhone models this year will be using OLED screens, but that was back when we only thought there were three devices. Will the iPhone 12 mini also come with OLED, or will Apple put their old LCD panels on it? Similarly, all iPhone 12 models are believed to support 5G, and be powered by the A14 chip. Will that be the same for the mini-aturized 5.4-inch device?

We’re expecting to hear about an Apple Event any day now, as production has reportedly started on the iPhone 12 range. That report also mentions at least one of the device range will be ready for release shortly, with the rest of the range going into production right about now. Hopefully, we won’t have many days to wait to find out.

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