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Apple is already discontinuing the iPhone 11 Pro range

So long and thanks for the memories.

apple 2020 iphone range
Image: Apple

Apple announced four new iPhone 12 models yesterday, but while one hand gives, the other takes away. This year, both iPhone 11 Pro models have been chopped from the range, while the rest of the earlier handsets still on sale get some hefty discounts.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone XR have had their prices dropped by $100, making them now $599 and $499, respectively. That’s a pretty good deal on the iPhone 11; if you don’t want or need the new features on the iPhone 12 range. The A13 chip that powers the iPhone 11 is still great, and the camera is one of Apple’s best.

I’m less enthused about the iPhone 11 Pro models being axed though, partly because I’ve only had mine for just over six months. It’s the same situation as when Apple discontinued the flagship iPhone X less than a year after release.

Sure, it falls into the same awkward category of being close enough to the new models that the usual $100 discount wouldn’t make it enough of a value for consumers to go for the iPhone 12 Pro range. It’s also probably something to do with the continued constraints that the pandemic is placing on the supply chain, with Apple not wanting to reduce the manufacturing capacity for the new models.

I can accept that, I just feel the sting of my flagship device being thrown to the curb by Apple after a few short months. This situation is definitely a strong case for why the iPhone Upgrade Program exists, maybe Apple will let me swap my financing onto that…

What do you think? How do you feel about Apple already discontinuing the iPhone 11 Pro range? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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