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Review Roundup: Here’s what everyone is saying about the new iPhone XR

A look around the web at the iPhone XR.

black iphone xr again bokeh background
Image: CNET

On Friday, Apple’s long-awaited 6.1-inch iPhone XR is set to make its debut in stores. Before this, the first official reviews are now being published online.

Here’s a look at what they are saying about Apple’s colorful new handset which was first announced in September alongside the already released iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

iPhone XR review roundup

Over at The Verge, the conclusion drawn is that for most people, the iPhone XR is the one to buy.

The publication boils down the differences between the iPhone XR and its more expensive cousins, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max this way: “The simplest way to think about the iPhone XR is that it offers virtually the same experience as the iPhone XS for $250 less, but you’ll be looking at a slightly worse display.”

iphone xr engadget

Image: Engadget

Engadget also says the iPhone XR is “the best iPhone for most people,” noting the handset doesn’t feel compromised and “delivers everywhere it counts.”

That said, everything Apple offers here is much, much better than just “good enough.” The XR is the iPhone we’d recommend to most people.

The New York Times explains how the iPhone XR is “slightly less durable than its more expensive cousins.” Nonetheless, it calls the differences “negligible.”

Its bottom line: “As is often the case for new gadgets, good things come to those who wait. If you resisted splurging on the XS to wait for the XR, you will be rewarded with a great phone — and some extra cash lying around.”

Reviewers are loving the phone

In its review, CNBC focuses on the handset’s look and feel, explaining:

The iPhone XR looks and feels like a phone that costs more than $750. It has a premium glass and aluminum design, and I love how rich the colors look. My personal favorite is yellow, but the blue test unit I had was pretty cool, too. It felt just as fast and quick as my iPhone XS Max, which costs $1,249. Again, that’s because everything inside is the exact same.

CNET says the iPhone XR is the “best iPhone value in years,” and “deliver[s] most of the advantages of the iPhone XS for hundreds less.”

iphone xr review roundup

Image: Digital Trends

Meanwhile, CNN says most people won’t care about the differences between the iPhone XR and Apple’s more expensive handsets, explaining, “if you don’t watch a ton of HD videos and don’t need a telephoto lens on your camera, you’re really not missing out on much with the iPhone XR.”

Finally, there’s Digital Trends which calls the iPhone XR the best iPhone of the year, concluding:

Unquestionable superb value — that’s the iPhone XR. It may be missing a few features, but this is the iPhone that will make others yellow, blue, or coral with envy. The colors are stunning, battery life is great, Face ID is still industry-leading technology, iOS gestures are intuitive, the camera is superb, and performance is fantastic. This is the iPhone to buy.

As an iPhone XS Max buyer, I was curious to see how the iPhone XR stacked up. I’m happy to see that it looks like Apple went all-out to make its lower-cost handset a winner. As such, I fully expect this to become the top smartphone before 2018 is over in a few weeks.

Despite the iPhone XS/iPhone XS Max offering some extra bang, it’s clear by these early reviews that this is handset best suited for most buyers.  What do you think? 

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