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Apple is bringing live captioning to iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Other accessibility features are coming later this year, as well.

Iphone live captioning
Image: Apple

Apple just announced a whole suite of accessibility features coming to its devices later this year. The biggest update? Systemwide live captions on iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

This is a huge update and it brings a necessary accessibility feature to any source of sound. AI will listen in to your videos, video calls, or audio, and give you text captions in real-time.

Additionally, group FaceTime calls can use the feature and Mac users will be able to have their typed responses read out loud. Apple also notes that live captioning lives on your device, so data isn’t shared.

The features will be extremely helpful for anyone with hearing issues, which is one in eight people in the United States. It’s also great for watching late-night movies with the sound off, so you don’t disturb your significant other.

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Android users have actually had this feature since late last year on Pixel handsets and some select devices from other manufacturers.

Other accessibility features coming to Apple products

Apple watch upcoming screen mirroring in action with the apple watch display shown on an iphone
Image: KnowTechie

Apple Watch is getting a new mirroring feature, which will enable you to use your iPhone’s screen to control it.

The feature works in tandem with the iPhone’s other assistive features, like Voice Control and Switch control. Apple says new improvements in AirPlay power this feature, and it looks powerful.

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A new accessibility feature, Door Detection, uses the LiDAR sensor in some iPad and iPhone models to tell low vision users if there is a door in front of them.

The feature can figure out if the door is open, tell the user how far away from it they are, and even if it’s open, closed, or what type of handle they need to use to open it.

This will live in a new detection mode inside Magnifier, which can also do People Detection and Image Descriptions for those with low vision.

Apple’s Live Caption feature and the rest of the new accessibility features will be coming later this year.

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