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Apple is working on a face shield for medical workers – plans on shipping 1 million per week

Solid move from the tech company.

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It was just over a week ago that Apple announced it was joining the countrywide efforts in aiding doctors in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. Last week the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, announced that they had sourced and donated 10 million masks to healthcare professionals, with the number now at 20 million masks.

On Sunday, Tim Cook gave us an update regarding the situation via a tweet. In this recent development, Cook states that Apple has now also designed and produced a custom face shield for medical workers to protect them against the deadly virus. The first shipment of these custom masks was delivered to a Kaiser facility in the Santa Clara Valley earlier this week.

“We’ve launched a company wide effort bringing together product designers, engineering operations, packaging teams, and our suppliers to design, produce and ship face shields for health workers…..Our first shipment was delivered to Kaiser hospital facilities in the Santa Clara Valley this past week, and the feedback from doctors was very positive. These pack flat, 100 per box. Each shield is assembled in less than two minutes and is fully adjustable. We’re sourcing materials and manufacturing in the US and China,” says Cook. You can read the full transcript for the video here.

Cook states that the company is actively working with different government officials across the country to get these face shields delivered wherever they are needed and moreover, they are also hoping to start exporting these to other countries that need them.

To meet the ever-growing demand in the middle of this pandemic Apple is planning on producing more than 1 million masks by the end of the current week and over 1 million every week after that, which is quite an impressive figure.

COVID-19 has plagued the world and brought it to a complete standstill. You can visit CDC’s site for the latest and most authentic news regarding the pandemic. With cases on the rise in the US, don’t forget to social distance and maintain good hand hygiene.

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