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The Nintendo Switch is the new currency of the coronavirus

More time at home equals more time to play games.

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If you’ve seen your local supermarket’s shelves recently, you’d be forgiven to think toilet paper and eggs were going to be the new currency of the post-coronavirus economy. There’s a new contender for the crown though, with the ever-popular Nintendo Switch being even harder to find than those pillowy-soft sheets.

I checked all the retail outlets near me and not a single one had a normal, removable Joycon Nintendo Switch in stock, preowned or otherwise. Same story with most online stores, so next I went to eBay, curious to see what the Nintendo console was running over there. Surely eBay would have some for sale, right?

Well, they did, but it wasn’t pretty.

nintendo switch consoles

Screenshot: KnowTechie

I mean, just look at the eBay scalpers postings… Brand new Nintendo Switches going for $400+, Animal Crossing special editions going for $500+, used, tablet only listings for $350+ – it’s insane. Even the $200 Nintendo Switch Lite is going for over its MSRP, but it’s still the most economical way to enjoy Animal Crossing and stop your kids from turning your living room into the Thunderdome.

Even Nintendo’s other consoles are all trending above their normal pricing, as COVID-19 fears prompt parents to find new ways to keep their kids entertained while staying inside.

So, in the interest of kickstarting this new economy, anyone out there hoarding toilet paper want to make a trade? Anyone?

What do you think? Surprised Nintendo Switch consoles are going for such prices? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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