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Apple seems to have removed the ability to swear on the iOS swipe keyboard

Don’t worry, I’m writing this from a fucking Android.

apple iphone with ios 13 apps on screen
Image: Unsplash

Well, this is a ducking terrible state of affairs. The family-friendly Apple appears to have removed all suggestions of swear words when using the iOS 13 swipe keyboard.

The keyboard suggestions in Apple’s iOS 13 now won’t let you swear with swipe

It seems that Apple really, really doesn’t want you to swear with iOS 13. Even text replacement takes multiple taps of the foul language you’re trying to send to your friends, with the prediction engine going into overdrive to suggest other alternatives that won’t get the message an R-rating.

As you can imagine, Redditors went into a frenzy of swiping to see what the keyboard wouldn’t allow.

Here are some of the more amusing ones:

  • “I was able to swipe penis but masturbation gave me marination.”
  • “You also can’t type sexual words like porn, orgasm, or masturbation. Also for some reason you can’t type murder either”
  • “What the duck is ducking going on here shot is getting out of mothering hand. Bukkake also does not work.”

Thankfully, I’m writing this from my Google Pixel 3 XL so fuckity shit bollocks wank. Last year Google got into hot water for auto-suggesting “my face” when “sit on” was typed, this seems to have been fixed but I can still type all the expletives I want.

What do you think? Surprised by the censorship from Apple? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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