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Apple thinks exclusive content will give them an edge in podcasts

Maybe they’ll be called iPodcasts…

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Apple is working on original podcast content to battle it out with its rivals like Spotify. That’s according to a report from Bloomberg, who spoke to sources close to the endeavor.

It’s still in early planning, with executives reaching out to secure exclusive rights to existing podcasts. That’s a clear deviation from its strategy until now, avoiding paying for any podcasts in a show of impartiality.

Apple is working on original podcasts

The timing is right. With the breakup of iTunes at this year’s WWDC, it’s a chance for Apple to change it up with how it approaches podcasts. The market is coming for Apple’s crown, and moving into paid content creation seems to be the way forward.

  • Apple all but invented the podcast industry in 2005
  • Rival Spotify recently purchased Gimlet, Parcast, and Anchor to cement itself as the number two in the podcast market
  • Apple is also working on original content for its Apple TV+ streaming service

Apple’s change of heart with its podcast strategy is unsurprising. As with the smartphone market, the market for podcasts has caught up with Apple’s early innovations. What’s needed now is for Apple to follow the herd for a while so it can save its creative genius to innovate once again.

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