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10 best free spy apps for Android (undetectable, hidden & no root)

If you wish to find out what activities children do on their Android phones, then spy apps for Android will help you.

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Nowadays, almost everyone wants to spy on other people’s mobile phones, mainly adults. The monitoring allows them to protect their loved ones from harm.

Spy phone apps can assist concerned users to make phone tracking from a distance convenient.

There are many reasons to use spy phone apps on other people. In terms of technological knowledge, today’s kids are way smarter than their parents.

If parents give their children mobile phones, their biggest concern is to keep an eye on them.

However, it is a big issue for them to do it secretly as the children know how to use the phone better than their parents.

This article contains information on the 10 best Android hidden spy apps to suit the user’s needs.

Part 1:  Minspy-The Best Free Android Spy App

Minspy is a quality Android spy app that can offer a user all data from a targeted cell phone without touching it. This service is also available for iOS devices.

The user can monitor nearly all the things that occur on the target phone no matter the time. Minspy permits its clients to gain personal information about target Android phones through a web-based control panel.

1.1: How Minspy Works Undetectably on Android Phone

Any spy app must keep its client’s identity hidden from the targeted user. The platforms implement several techniques to ensure all the tracking remains secretive. Nobody gets ahold of the data other than the person who has purchased the spy app.

Minspy can spy on Android undetectable due to its stealth mode function. It is used for hiding the app after installing it on the target Android phone. It also consumes less battery than other spy apps while offering the top spying features at all times.

1.2: What Makes Minspy the Best Android Spy App?

Minspy app is available to track both Android and iOS devices. It is known as a cutting-edge app because there is no need to jailbreak or root the target device to access robust spying features.

The service is also reasonably easy to use without any technical knowledge needed for the user to possess. The top functions of the facility are easily accessible through a web-based interface.

Moreover, Minspy is 100% safe for usage. It protects the identity and data of both the client and the targeted users from prying eyes.


  1. All functions of the services can be accessed remotely.
  2. There is no need to install any app to track iOS devices with Minspy.
  3. The platform is entirely legal for usage.


  1. The app does not function correctly if the target device isn’t connected to a reliable internet network.

1.3: How to Install the Android App of Minspy on the Target Device?

Minspy is an Android tracking application with a browser-based control panel that offers safe and instinctive features that secretly spies on the target cell phone’s data. The installation process is quick, and we will discuss it in this part of the tutorial.

Here are three simple steps to start monitoring the Android device.

Step 1: Register for Minspy and prepare the target device. First of all, visit the official Minspy website through any web browser and click on “Sign Up Free” to create an account. Enter the Email & password to fulfill the requirement before selecting Android and purchasing the most suitable subscription plan.

Minspy Create your account

Step 2: Install the Minspy app on the target Android phone. Run the application and enter the account details used to register on the platform. Enable the stealth mode and proceed towards the next step.

Step 3: Access the control panel of the service and start monitoring from any web-based browser.

Minspy dashboard

1.4: The Top Quality Features of Minspy Spy Phone App

An app or software is only as good as its features. The spy phone app’s functions must be efficient in providing the most accurate information from the targeted device.

Some of the unique features of the Minspy spy app for Android are described below:

  • Call Tracking

This feature gives information about all the calls, the number of calls received and made from the target Android phone. The user will be able to get hold of the information on the phone number of the person who had interacted with the target phone’s owner.

Minspy call log

  • Location Spying:

It tells us where the live location of the targeted user is at any given moment’s notice. The app takes bits of help from third-party GPS platforms such as Google Maps to display the device’s whereabouts accurately.

Minspy location

  • Social Media Monitoring

It gives the user information about all the messages sent and received from the social media apps by the person using the target Android device.

The top platforms that Minspy is capable of monitoring include Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The user will be able to view the media files shared on the apps as well.

Part 2: Spyic – Spy Phone App

Spyic is a highly rated platform for parents to view and manage their children’s activities that they do on the phone. The service user can purchase it to look at their kid’s deeds from a distance and undetected.

The service’s simple interface gives an extended list of high spying options such as call/SMS tracking, Geofencing, social media spying, and keylogging.

Spyic phone app

Part 3: Spyier – Free Spy App for Android Undetectable

Spyier is an excellent platform that provides much-needed information from the target phone on demand. It can track activities on iOS and Android mobile phones.

Moreover, It offers the user to view call and SMS  log details, the internet browsing history on the target device, and social media chatting details. One can even enter the contact list, calendar, and fetch sim card info without rooting or jailbreaking the device.

Spyier free spy app for Android

Part 4: Spyine – Free Spyware

Spyine app is quite able to track any version of Android and iOS smartphones without changing the settings. It’s composed of a web-based interface that’s relatively easy for users to manage.

The platform is entirely secure, and it makes sure that the user’s data does not fall into the wrong hands. The subscription-based service has plenty of features to ensure the targeted person is not in any trouble.

Spyine free spyware

Part 5: Neatspy – Hidden Spy App for Android

Neatspy is one of the pioneers of the spy phone apps. The platform is legal and trusted by millions around the globe. There’s no requirement to jailbreak or root the target device to access the app’s superior and sturdy functions.

The user can remotely monitor the smallest activities occurring on the target phone with Neatspy. Moreover, it allows the user to check the internet and social media history on the target phone without any hassle.

Neatspy hidden spy app

Part 6: Spyzie – Free Android Spy App

Spyzie is among the most recognizable spy phone apps that support tracking Android and iOS devices. The platform can access data such as messages, photos, call logs, and locations from the target phone with ease. Each feature is readily approachable from the web-based control panel.

Spyzie Free Android Spy App

Part 7: FoneMonitor – Phone Monitoring App

FoneMonitor is a high-functioning service that allows users to track their children, a cheating spouse, or a disloyal employee. The app can track their location, phone records, and internet history. Moreover, it offers direct access to the media files shared on the target phone from social media apps or text messages.

The service is quite affordable and intuitive. There is no requirement to root the Android device or manually access it to utilize the top functions.

FoneMonitor phone monitoring app

Part 8: TeenSafe- Free Spy App for Android

TeenSafe, as the name suggests, is a parental control app that allows the concerned parents to know what their teenager is doing outside the house at all times. The interactive UI of the service makes it simple to access the features with a web-based control panel.

The SMS checker and geofencing features allow the user to know if their kid is safe and not involved in an unhealthy activity.

TeenSafe free spy app for Android

Part 9: Cocospy – Spy App for Android

Cocospy is a classic smartphone tracking app that provides its user access to every secret information from the target device. It can do all that on any standard Android or iOS smartphone, even if they are not jailbroken or rooted. Installing the app on the target phone is quick, mainly due to a user-friendly interface.

Cocospy spy app for Android

Part 10: XNSPY – Free Spy App

XNSPY is a fast and user-friendly Android monitoring app that provides the means for the user to know if their loved ones are safe or not. The platform is digitally secure as it ensures the complete secrecy of user data and identity. The functions of the service are managed through a control panel accessible through any browser.

XNSPY free spy app


We have listed the 100 best free spy phone apps for Android-based on their quality and variety of features. These apps will allow the user to be relaxed as they know what their loved one is doing at that current time. However, if something wrong occurs, it enables the user to act instantly, such as calling the police or relevant authorities.


  1. Can the Targeted User detect the spy app?

No, the person would not detect any spy app on their phone, mainly due to the stealth mode.

  1. Are Spy Phone Apps legal?

Yes, it is legal to use mobile spy apps when the target user is the client’s child under 18 years of age. Moreover, employers can track their employees through company-owned smartphones.

  1. Does the user have to install the spy app on an iPhone to track it?

No, there is no need to install any app whatsoever on the target iPhone. The user only needs access to the targeted user’s iCloud credentials to get started.

  1. What devices are compatible with Spy Phone Apps?

Spy phones can work efficiently on pretty every active version of Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

  1. Can Spy Apps monitor social media activities?

Yes, the user can track all the chat history from the top-rated social media platforms without even rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

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