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Apple is reducing its App Store fee for apps that make under $1 million a year

This is a step in the right direction, but is it enough?

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Apple’s App Store has been in the spotlight recently, but maybe not for the reasons the company would like. While many people have had issues with Apple’s policies, including how game streaming works (or doesn’t work) on the platform, one of the main things people are talking about is Apple’s 30% cut.

While some companies, like Epic Games and Spotify, are trying to take on the company and its policies, many just have resigned to dealing with it. Well, now, Apple is making a change to its 30% cut that should help many developers on the platform.

As part of the company’s new App Store Small Business Program, developers with apps on the platform that earn under $1 million a year will now be subject to a smaller commission fee from Apple. That number? 15%.

The program is set to launch on January 1, 2021. According to Apple, “Existing developers who made up to $1 million in 2020 for all of their apps, as well as developers new to the App Store, can qualify for the program and the reduced commission.” If a developer ends up making over $1 million during the year, it will be switched back to the 30% fee. Then, if during a future calendar year the developer drops below the threshold, it can apply for the program again.

Overall, it’s a nice addition from the company, but it will be interesting to see if and how companies like Epic Games responds to the news.

What do you think? How do you feel about Apple’s App Store fee? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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