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Apple’s iOS 17.2 release will retire the iTunes Movie Store

iTunes Movie Store will end after Apple merges it with the Apple TV app.

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iOS 17

A newfound code in Apple’s latest iOS 17.2 beta revealed that Apple plans to kill the iTunes Movie Store. 

Earlier this year, Apple released iOS 17, and recently, the company has released the iOS 17.2 beta that adds the ability to record Spatial videos on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

The folks at the 9to5Mac have found a code embedded in iOS 17.2 beta 2, pointing to Apple’s plan to merge the iTunes Movie Store with the Apple TV app. 

The execution will likely happen after Apple releases the stable version of the build to the public in the coming weeks. 

Why is Apple killing the iTunes Movie Store?

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Apple already has the Apple TV app, and you can use it to buy Movies and TV shows. Hence, there’s no need for the iTunes Movie Store. While the main iTunes Store will stay, Apple will shut down the Movie Store.

The report also mentions that after the stable release of the iOS 17.2 build, users get the message that reads, “iTunes Movies moved to the Apple TV app.”

iOS 17.2 is still in the beta stage and is currently letting users access the Movie Store through the main iTunes Store app. The change will take place after the stable version rolls out. 

The change will also take place on the Apple TV devices with the dedicated iTunes Movies and TV Shows apps. 9to5Mac states, 

On Apple TV, which has separate apps for each segment of the iTunes Store, the iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps are also expected to disappear. Users will still be able to buy movies and TV shows using the Apple TV app.

In the end, you need to understand Apple’s iTunes brand has been dying for the past few years, and dismantling the iTunes Movie Store is another nail in the coffin of that brand.

The Apple TV app has slowly but steadily turned into the go-to place for video content for Apple users, and it makes sense that the company wants to push more users to the app to purchase more media content.

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