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Apple to allow emulators on the App Store, but there’s a catch

There are also changes for mini-apps, super apps and music streaming apps.

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Yet again Apple was forced to make changes to the App Store guidelines on April 5, after Spotify and other parties criticized Apple for making it easier to access game emulators through its digital storefront. 

The change was spotted on Apple’s App Review Guidelines (via The Verge), which states, “retro game console emulator apps can offer to download games”. 

However, there’s a twist – as one would expect from Apple. 

According to Apple, the developers are responsible for the software inside their apps and all emulators must comply with the applicable laws. 

Technically it is against the law to run an emulated version of a game you haven’t paid for. 

Hence, companies like Nintendo and Sony will only be able to take advantage of this particular change to the App Store guidelines.

Changed App Store guidelines include mini-apps, super apps, and music streaming services

That said, it’s not just the emulators getting a more relaxed certification process. The updated guidelines include mini-apps and mini-games inside them (If written in HTML5). 

In addition, the change applies to the so-called super-apps, like WeChat, which offer a bunch of different apps in a single package. 

Another addition is for the music streaming apps, allowing them to add links to external websites to purchase products and services, and linked payment systems.  

However, unlike the retro game emulator update, this particular change only applies to the EU countries.

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