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Blood-glucose monitoring is coming to the FitBit app

It comes in the form of a software update.

fitbit blood-glucose monitoring
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Thanks to the Fitbit app, people can easily monitor their heart functions, blood oxygen, and even stress levels on some of theirs watches. Now the company is even adding a blood-glucose monitoring feature to its app. 

This is a new addition, and one intended for folks diagnosed with diabetes and other people that want to track their blood sugar levels. However, as the company pointed out, this new feature is not an alternative to pricking your finger with a glucometer.

This is merely a software update that requires the user to import their glucose levels, after which the app will let you know how all that relates to health metrics such as food, exercise, and sleep. Furthermore, the Fitbit app utilizes personalized ranges that can reveal factors that can also impact your blood sugar levels. Users can also set on-wrist reminders so that they don’t forget to log their glucose levels. 

With all those details in place, users can access data to create better long-term behaviors and even optimize their weight. 

You can also share blood glucose data with the help of Fitbit’s Wellness Report. It even allows you to monitor how often your glucose data lines up with a specific target range.

Then there is automatic data integration for users of LifeScan’s OneTouch Reveal app. Fitbit even revealed that they plan to implement this feature with other apps and meters soon. 

In the meantime, there are scattered reports of similar initiatives coming from both Samsung and Apple. According to rumors, these tech giants are developing their non-invasive glucose monitoring technology that will be integrated with their respective smartwatches. There was even a prototype of a non-invasive glucose monitoring smartwatch at this year’s CES.

However, there are no indications of when we can expect non-invasive glucose monitoring, even though it could be the next big thing in the health tech sector. Then, the FDA needs to carefully investigate and green light any such project before allowing it to be commercialized. Until then, this is the best the health tech sector can offer for monitoring glucose levels.

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