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BMW just made the most hideous self-driving motorcycle, thankfully it’s not for sale

Look at this fucking thing. LOOK AT IT!

For some reason, BMW is getting into the self-driving motorcycle game. Why anyone would want a motorcycle that drives themselves is beyond me, but hey, here we are.

For more than two years, the engineers over at BMW’s motorcycle division in Munich, Germany, have secretly been working and developing a self-driving motorcycle that can essentially drive itself. The bike can brake, ride, and start all on its own.

The only kicker is that it’s not for sale.

What BMW is doing with this autonomous R1200GS motorcycle is basically finding ways it can help with rider safety. The company is currently testing it on a test track in Germany in which the bike drives fully autonomously.

Bmw self driving motorcycle

Image: Men’s Health India

The goal of these test laps is to essentially study how a driver would react in certain situations and how it could help riders avoid a tragic accident. Basically, it’s watching how a motorcycle rider would respond if they had to take a drastic sharp turn to avoid an obstacle or brake suddenly. From there, the company is finding ways that the self-driving technology could assist with these sort of situations.

BMW claims that the R1200GS is the first-ever German-made self-driving motorcycle. The idea behind this bike is to include developed new safety features that one day will be implemented in upcoming bikes.

What are your thoughts on this self-driving motorcycle? Isn’t it ugly? Let us know your thoughts below.

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