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Bozo dentist who posed for a picture on a hoverboard lands 12 years in jail

Imagine being a 35 year old professional old and doing this?

seth lookhart dentist hoverboard
Image: YouTube

Alright, the last thing you want when you go to the dentist is having them pose for a picture while you’re getting your teeth yanked out from your skull. Now imagine that, but with the dentist riding a hoverboard. This is the case with Seth Lookhart, a dentist based out of Alaska. 

And yes, this really happened. There’s even video evidence to prove it. If you didn’t get a chance to check out the video, Lookhart performs a tooth extraction on a sedated patient while he stands on a hoverboard. When he’s done, he takes his gloves off and rides around the office like a big fat stupid jerk. By the way, this man is 35-years old. 

Naturally, Lookhart took the liberty of sending the video around to friends, and this is where he probably got in trouble. Someone shared the video, and it blew up all over the internet, shining an unwanted spotlight on him, which got the attention of the Alaska Department of Law. 

For his actions (and many others), Lookhart is getting slammed with a 12-year jail sentence. Technically, it’s 20 years with eight years suspended, plus ten years of probation after. Additionally, he can’t practice dentistry during that time. It’s probably safe to say his days of being a dentist are over.

On top of being a dummy, authorities also discovered he was embezzling money, filed false Medicaid claims, and performed anesthesia without any sort of training or legal clearance.

To make things even worse, patients claimed that Lookhart was just a bad dentist. In some cases, patients claimed they would wake up from an operation to find the wrong procedure done. Things like pulling the wrong tooth or getting a procedure the patient never agreed to. Yea, not good.

Thankfully patients won’t have to worry about Lookhart’s escapades anymore. With a 12 year sentence, this hopefully will give the troubled dentist some time to think of all the bad shit he did to his patients. And if he decides to get back into dentistry, he has an extremely long road ahead of him. If I were him, I would just ride my hoverboard into the sunset.

Have any thoughts on this? Do you think his 12-year sentence is justified for this hoverboard incident?  Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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