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Can I connect a mechanical keyboard to the Xbox One?

Tired of the controller and ready to switch to keyboard? Here’s what to know.

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If you’re an Xbox One owner, you’re probably used to doing everything with the included controller. I mean, why wouldn’t you? That’s what it was invented for.

Then again, you might want to mix your hobbies and use your fancy mechanical keyboard on your Xbox One and own those controller-using noobs. So, can you? I mean, your Xbox One has USB ports, and your keyboard has a USB cable so it makes sense.

So, can I use my mechanical keyboard on my Xbox One?

Short answer: Yes, but…

As long as your keyboard has a USB port, you can use it on your Xbox One for navigating menus and for easy text entry while using chat and other functions. That makes some things easier, as anyone who has tried to use the on-screen keyboard to type anything to their friends.

Gaming is a different story. Some games will support keyboard and mouse as input methods, like the ones mentioned on this list from True Achievements. Some games, notably Overwatch and some Call of Duty titles, will ban you if they detect you using a mouse and keyboard, as the developers consider it to be cheating against other console players.

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You can also get something like the Xim Apex, which will trick your console into thinking that your keyboard and mouse is a controller. It’s not cheap though, so think hard before you buy it.

What do you think? Would you like to use a keyboard with your Xbox One? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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