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You can now download Google’s Files Go app from the Play Store

It’s basically like Apple’s AirDrop.

files go
Image: The Verge

Early this week, we reported that Google was working on a new app called Files Go. It’s basically an app that lets you manage and share your files, with an added feature that works similar to Apple’s AirDrop.

The app briefly lived in the Play Store for a couple of hours, but it was quickly taken down after it went live. Thankfully, Google is bringing it back, but now in a beta form.

Files Go is a part file manager, part transfer utility, and part cleanup utility. There are different sections where you can look at specific files, for example, pictures taken only with your phone camera. Google already includes a cleanup utility in their Google Photos app, but this is much broader in choices and functionality.

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File transfers can be transferred via Bluetooth, meaning users can share files even when offline. Files Go is clearly meant to rival Apple’s AirDrop. The only thing is that both users will have to have the app open on their devices in order for the transfers to work, unlike AirDrop.

You can go ahead and download the Files Go Beta now on the Play Store, however, Google doesn’t give an exact timeframe when the official app will be released.

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