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ChefSquad is a new cooking game that puts Twitch chat to work as line cooks

Twitch streamers can team up with their communities in this co-op game.

chefsquad twitch game
Image: Vertigo Gaming

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Restaurant management games have been extremely popular for years now, and there’s a new one on the block that’s looking to change the game up completely. ChefSquad is a brand new free-to-play restaurant management simulation game from Vertigo Gaming Inc.

ChefSquad isn’t VG Inc.’s first venture into the gaming scene by any means. The company is known as the developers of the popular Cook, Serve, Delicious! series. This time around, though, the company is looking to flip the genre upside down.

ChefSquad is a new kind of restaurant management game that was developed by streamers for streamers. It features many of the familiar mechanics from other games of its type, such as prepping and cooking meals and delivering orders.

What sets the game apart from others in its genre is its co-op aspect that is tied directly to Twitch chat. In ChefSquad, a Twitch streamer plays the all-seeing head chef while their community, or “chat,” acts as the line cooks.

The streamer assigns different tasks and roles to people in their community, and everyone works together to help fulfill orders and keep customers happy.

ChefSquad is just the beginning of this type of game from VG Inc.

ChefSquad is definitely an interesting take on the restaurant management genre, and it seems like a pretty cool idea. Twitch chat will use ! commands to make burgers, using things like !tom, !chz, and more to add ingredients to the burgers.

The company is touting ChefSquad as an experimental game testing out the capabilities of this kind of Twitch integration. VG Inc. said, “The tech we used to power this game…will be utilized in future games,” confirming that the company plans to expand on this idea.

As of now, ChefSquad is available both on Steam and through itch.io. If you’re a streamer looking for a new and interesting way to interact with your community, you may want to go ahead and give ChefSquad a try. It is free-to-play, after all.

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