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Clubhouse has a new Replay feature that basically makes it a podcast platform

Reinventing the wheel, one spoke-n word at a time.

clubhouse replays recording feature
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Clubhouse just announced that you can now record your sessions, allowing anyone the option to revisit them at a future date. It’s called Replays, and it’s the first time that the audio-only service has shifted away from its “real-time only” mantra since the app was released.

Think of it as podcasts-on-steroids and you’ve got a general idea. See, if you’ve never experienced a Clubhouse room, it’s a lot more like a fireside chat than a planned out podcast.

Creators take questions in real-time, people enter and leave throughout, context is added by sharing links during the discussion, and the conversation might be on a completely different topic by the end of the chat.


The new Replays function is set up to take advantage of that, by making the recording of the room interactive. As a creator, you’ll be able to toggle the recording of your public room when you create it. If you said yes, the recording of that room will be available to anyone, at any time afterward.

That recording will be interactive, with pinned links functionality for a relevant link to be shown at the top of the room.

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Users will also have the option to skip between speakers, listen at 1.5x or 2x speed, pause, and even make 30-second clips of the recording for sharing elsewhere.

The creator of the room will be able to download the recording so they can use it on other social platforms, and they’ll also get a host of analytics like who’s listening to the recording, so they can connect with those users.

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Replays will start showing up in search and the other discovery features in Clubhouse next week.

Maybe this will be the killer feature that makes Clubhouse ‘stickier’, as the user base has shrunk considerably since the initial wave of hype.

If you want to try out this replay feature, we wrote up a helpful guide on how to enable replays on your Clubhouse chats.

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