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How to deblur photos online with ease

Recently take a bunch of photos only to realize they’re all blurred? Don’t panic, here’s how to deblur photos using the web and smartphone apps.

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Photos, this very word, contains an ocean of feelings, memories, and valuable information. In this era when social media has become an integral part of one’s life, clicking photos wherever you go out with whoever you meet has become a trend.

But sometimes, it may happen that you click photos, come home, and then open the camera roll only to find some of them are indistinct and blurred.

This then makes you very sad, and becoming disheartened, you start cursing yourself, leading you to delete those photos. Now, what if I say that there is nothing to worry about and that your photos can still be saved just the way you want?

Surprised? Well, there is a process called deblurring by which you can quickly fix the distorted pictures and then cherish the beautiful moments they store. Again, you may be asking, how to deblur?

Rest assured, to answer this is what this article is all about. Proceed further, and you will come across diverse ways how to fix your photos easily by deblurring.


Before we start, one must know what causes the photos to get blur. There are many reasons for this:

  1. Shaky camera- This happens if you accidentally shake the camera a bit while capturing the photo or if your hand shakes.
  2. Wrong focus- Sometimes, you may not focus the camera correctly or if the autofocus fails in its process.
  3. Low Resolution- If the image is too low and you try to upscale the photograph, blurry can occur. Realspace3d has written an article to help explain image resolution here.

This causes the click to get blurred.  So, now that you know the reason, make sure the next time you click you keep these points in check. Let’s move further to know what we are here for.  

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There are a lot of free software, websites, and apps that can help you in this process.

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Image: Google

Their software makes use of different programs, sophisticated algorithms, and numerous ways to provide you with the best result. Some of the tools to deblur photos online are listed below. 

  1. Enhance Photo: Available for both Windows and Android, this helps you efficiently fix and sharpen your pictures. The website is quite attractive, easy to use & straightforward. Also, you can also edit your photos further and get what you desire.
  2. Fotor Photo Blur: One of the best tools available online for this work Fotor helps you fix your indistinct, blurry photos. Its user-friendly site attracts many users. Further, you can also make a collage, sharpen your photo and even add effects to your photo.
  3. Blurity: Fix Blurry Pictures: Available only for Windows users and still not for Mac. This tool helps you remove blurs in your photos and enhance them by further sharpening and tuning, making your photos beautiful.
  4. Focus Magic: Focus Magic uses a very user-friendly interface and is thus favored by many.

    The other hand uses advanced forensic strength deconvolution technology to fix blur images, especially motion blur, and gives you the best result possible. It is available on both Windows and Mac.
  5. Focus It: This app is available for devices working on iOS. It efficiently helps you in taking a picture clear by deblurring the pictures.
  6. Perfectly Clear: Another app for iOS devices, but it is not free. It helps in enhancing the photos, sharpening and adding different effects to your photos.
  7. After Focus: Another app for Android devices that is rated high on the Google Play Store. The app helps highlight the area you want to focus on and blurs the rest, thereby helping you get the photo you desire.
  8. Picasa: Here’s another popular software that can assist you with sharpening and removing blurs from your pictures. It’s user-friendly and can be accessed as both an app and on Windows.

    By utilizing the aforementioned tools, you can achieve superior-quality photos and effortlessly eliminate slight blurs without putting in much effort.

    However, if your photos contain various types of blurs, it can be a more challenging task to solve. In such cases, prior knowledge of editing may be required to properly fix these pictures.

In addition to the 11 tools mentioned, there are many others available waiting for you to use them and get your photos set. You may also use a photo retouching service if you lack the time or if your editing skills aren’t up to the task. Now that you know how to remove the blurs in your pictures and to fix the distorted images.

So now I hope that you will go and click photos without any worries and you must also remember that not everyone knows photography, and that is why we have this software and many others to help us out. 

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